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Kano man married to older American woman joins US Army

Kano man married to older American woman joins US Army

Suleiman Isah, a Kano man who married a 46-year-old American citizen, Janine Sanchez, has joined the California Army National Guard, a reserve of the United States Army.

According to records, the California Army National Guard comprises 18,450 soldiers.

On Friday, Isah posted a picture of himself wearing the uniform of the US Army and captioned it “Alhamdullillah- forever grateful”.

The two lovers, who met on social media, got married on December 13, 2020.

Ms Janine, a chef based in Lindon, California, had flown to Nigeria for the wedding ceremony.

The wedding, which took place at MOPOL 52 Barracks Juma’at Mosque in Panshekara, Kumbotso Local Government of Kano State, had thousands of well-wishers from within and outside the state in attendance.

A former Senator who represented Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani, who is also a relative of the groom’s father, stood in as Janine’s representative (waliy).

Commenting on the new development on his Facebook page, Sani congratulated the officer and taunted those who criticized him when he supported the union.

“They criticised me for this inter racial marriage and now Suleiman Isah is happily married and got enlisted into the California Army National Guard. Congratulations,” he said.

Back in 2020

Back in 2020, the 46-year-old Janine Sanchez located her suitor, a 23-year-old Suleiman Isah in the city of Kano, Nigeria.

Sanchez, a mother of two, who was in African continent for the first time on the invitation of Isah, came ready to marry her Instagram lover in Kano.

Sanchez and Isah became friends on Instagram about 10 months earlier and since fell in love with each other.
The decision of the pair to be together as a couple informed Sanchez’s decision to visit Panshekara Quarters in Kumbtso local government area of Kano, Nigeria.
A visibly delighted Sanchez revealed how their date all started on Instagram while chatting with journalists at a recreation park in Kano at the weekend.
How it all started
The lady narrated the incident that kick-started theirrelationship thus:
“He messaged me on Instagram saying Hi. But there was a guy messaging me and Isha knew he was a scammer so he said to the guy one day, ‘get a job and quit scamming innocent people’ and so I thought he sounded like a nice guy. That was the beginning.”

A chef based in Lindon, California, Sanchez said she wouldn’t mind returning to America with her new love after the marriage in Kano.

“I have two kids, a boy and a girl from my previous marriage. I and my ex-husband have joint custody of our kids the reason I cannot take the kids away from their father.

“I like the people here, they are very friendly and welcoming. The kids love me they embrace me playing with my hairs and skin. And the people are very busy and hardworking. Although, i wasn’t looking to date anybody younger than 30 but he is very mature for his age. When I talk to him I feel like I’m talking to somebody my age.” Sanchez said.

Responding to question as to whether she was in love or desperate to get a suitor in Nigeria, Sanchez replied, “I’m in love”.

Unlike a popular response, Isah in his constant straight face said he had always willing to marrying a white woman so much so to have kids of mixed origins.

“It was a dream come true for me when she responded to my message on Instagram. We continued exchanging messages and our relationship became closer. I was happy when I invited her to visit me in Kano and she accepted to come”.

On whether the barrier of age and race wouldn’t wouldn’t count against his planned engagement with Sanchez, Isha who is a professional barber replied on the contrary.

“That is not a problem at all and in fact that is not important. The age difference doesn’t matter as Prophet Muhammad, married an older woman too. So I’m following in his Sunnah.

“When I travel to America, I will be visiting my parents and other relations regularly. And she has agreed that even our future kids will be coming to Nigeria to visit my family.” Isah said.


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