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KANO POLLS 2023: The Men, The Ideas, The People And The Votes

KANO POLLS 2023: The Men, The Ideas, The People And The Votes

By Bahir Kabir

The murky water that signifies the Kano politics in all its unpredictability and backslash is once again right around the corner.

The year 2023, as another election year, is going to be sensationally interesting; Interesting in so many aspects of political interest that revolve around pressing issues such as security, economy, and the noble corona.

Speculations over personalities aspiring gubernatorial candidature of the state is one among many topics to be discussed under this column. Their portfolio, history of performance and prediction of capacity if elected as the next governor, would be mirrored.

The political mudslinging  that always define the Kano political scenario will be put under critical radar as we roll down to the year that will hopefully be the beginning of a new era. An era that will hopefully address the accruing ailments bedeviling the country at large and those specific to Kano state in particular.

At the moment, political party cross carpeting, and counter-carpeting, blatant accusations across party lines, aggressive aspirations and loyalty grievances have begun.

The column will also pay attention to the state’s political earth-movers. These are the silent achievers behind the apparent scene with indisputable clout of influence that make it happen one way or another.

The atmosphere in the state is that of fear and uncertainty. Fear of compromised security, dwindling economy, COVID-19 pandemic and probable lockdown.

Also, uncertainty of the credibility or lack of it for the upcoming leaders; whether they can deliver the state from the aforementioned fears or if it is going to be the same story all over again, shall be discussed.

Informed in-depth analysis from diverse experienced points of view as well as relevant interviews will be featured under the column. This will open a public dialogue forum critically fixated on engaging our esteemed audience in order to give these useful opinions a global platform to be heard.

Your contributions in the comment section will be highly valuable in our quest to forge a way forward for the KANO PEOPLE. Let’s go!

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