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Kano’s ex-religious affairs commissioner says govt lied about his sack

Kano’s ex-religious affairs commissioner says govt lied about his sack

The former Kano commissioner for religious affairs, Dr Muhammad Tahar Adam, (aka Baba Impossible) has denied been sacked by the state government as earlier claimed the state information commissioner, Comrade Muhammad Garba.

He said he had resigned from his appointment before the state government announced his sacking.

Earlier reports said Adamu was sacked over lack of loyalty and “unguarded utterances”.

In a statement on Saturday by Muhammad Garba, Adamu was alleged to have run the affairs of his office as personal business.

He was also said to have “unilaterally reduced working days for the ministry staff, exempting Wednesdays and Fridays”.

Garba added that apart from operating without due consultation, the former commissioner was not loyal to the state government.

However, while reacting to the development in an interview with Freedom Radio, Adamu said he submitted his letter of resignation on Friday to Usman Alhaji, the secretary to the state government.

He said he was surprised to read in the news that he was sacked.

“I resigned because of some personal reasons and I wrote them in a letter detailing my reasons, and I took it to alhaji Usman Alhaji, the secretary to the state government, who collected the letter, signed and stamped it and collected a copy for the governor,” he said.

“I came out and went to see the chief of staff, who is the current head of service in his office. My resignation letter was stamped and I gave him the governor’s copy and left.

“The surprising thing is, I submitted the letter on Friday, the 30th of December, 2022. Then, today, I saw on a page that the government through the commissioner of information has sacked me because of disloyalty and other things.

“This is the surprising thing. What I believe is that a proper government shouldn’t lie because this scenario is filled with lies.

“A person took a letter to the secretary to the state government and the head of the service which was signed and accepted. Then later, someone will say you’ve been sacked. From where were you sacked? Was it after I was sacked that my resignation letter was accepted or when it was accepted that I was sacked?

“So, this is something that has passed. But if they continue, we will also continue. This is the truth of the matter.”


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