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Kidnap Threat Forced Me to Withdraw My 2 Children from Public School –El-Rufa’i

Kidnap Threat Forced Me to Withdraw My 2 Children from Public School –El-Rufa’i

Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai, who ceremoniously enrolled one of his sons, Abubakar Sadiq, in a public school in 2019, has withdrawn the child.

He withdrew him secretly, but when the withdrawal was exposed by the press, he offered an explanation.

He told the Pidgin Service of the BBC that he had to temporarily withdraw the son from the Kaduna Capital School because of some kidnap threats.

He claimed that security reports available to his government had r evealed to him that three bandit groups were planning to abduct his son from the school.

According to him, he had also enrolled Sadiq’s younger sister, Nasrine in the same school when she turned six years, but security concerns forced the family to temporarily withdraw both.

“The two children are currently on home schooling and only going to Capital School to write exams,they will return to the school ully when security improves,” he said

“My son and also my daughter are registered in the school, because his (Abubakar-Sadiq) sister also clocked six and we registered her in the school. But we had to temporarily withdraw them for security of the school because we received security report that three groups were planning to attack the school and kidnap my son.”

“I don’t think they (kidnappers) would have succeeded because there are enough security in the school to prevent them, but it would expose other pupils of the school to danger. We don’t know the kind of weapon they would have brought.”

“I had taken a stand against payment of ransom and we had report that, three groups were planning to kidnap my son from Capital School to see whether I will pay ransom or not if my son is kidnapped,” he said.

“Both Abubakar Sadiq and Nasrine will go back to the school when there is confidence that, their attendance will not put the school at risk.”


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