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Like PDP, APC in Kano Bicker Over Party Leadership, as Faction Sacks Chairman

Like PDP, APC in Kano Bickers Over Party Leadership, as Faction Sacks Chairman

The All Progressive Congress (APC) in Kano, like its opposition, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is faced with internal crises, the culmination of which was the purported sacking of the party chairman in the state, Abdulahi Abbas on Thursday.

Not unlike PDP, APC has a faction which leadership, under Hussaini Isa Mairiga, announced the sacking of Abbas, who has been leading the party for years and is known to be the choice of the state governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje.

The Mairiga faction has been opposed to the Abbas leadership, which it alleged has stayed beyond its stipulated period.

The factional leader told reporters on Thursday in Kano that his group was opposed to the election of Abbas in the first place, alleging that Abbas was brought in from the backdoor in a ‘highly faulty and unconstitutional Kangaroo’ election

“Although, Abdullahi Abbas came into being as chairman of the party through a Kangaroo election but instead of him to try to mend fences with everybody, he was busy ruling with impunity.”

He also said anything done by the Abbas administration would be a nullity because “his executive leadership is an unconstitutional and illegal body.

“In other words, what I mean is that anybody who contests the forthcoming January 2021 local government election under Mr Abdullahi executive leadership, he is wasting his time because his election, even if he wins, is null and void.

“You can see that even the process that produced all the local government chairmanship candidates was so manipulative and undemocratic, where forms for the contest were not allowed to be sold to anybody but to their selective cronies.”

He therefore declared Abbas removed and called on the party headquarters in Abuja to send in caretaker leadership that will see to the election of a new leadership in the state.


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