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Looting, vandalism trail Abba Kabir’s demolition exercise in Kano

Looting, vandalism trail Abba Kabir’s demolition exercise in Kano

Since Saturday, when Kano State governor, Abba Kabir Yusuf, began his mission to demolish structures he claimed were ‘illegally’ erected on government properties, there has been a wave vandalism culture spreading across the state.

From Race Course Road, where the demolition mission commenced, the governor left a deliberate opening for hoodlums to loot people’s shops in the demolished structure.

Young men were seen carting away items belonging to some tenants in the structure, while others just embarked on dismantlement of structural parts, including iron rods and blocks.    Looting, Vandalism, demolition exercise, Kano, Abba Kabir Yusuf

Nigerian Sketch observed that the hoodlums were also removing electrical and other fittings, while also uprooting tiles and interlocks all day long.

The thieves were ab-initio jittery as they scurry to carry their loots to safe places and come back for more. But they got emboldened after the governor’s convoy passed through the site moments later and received hailing from them. The governor waved in appreciation and moved on.

Security operatives who accompanied the governor to the site where removed and no replacement was put in place. Consequently, some of the looters got more organised as they mobilised more youths to help them break down concretes and remove rods. They also brought vehicles to conveniently carry their loots in broad daylight.Looting, Vandalism, demolition exercise, Kano, Abba Kabir Yusuf

The same fate befell the former Daula Hotel site, Hajj Camp and the Filin Idi along IBB Way, all of which the governor had partly demolished.

More demolitions are on the way, Abba Kabir had promised, as he targets places that he said were designated for public utility which he alleged that the administration of Abdullahi Umar Ganduje allocated to his family and cronies in shoddy manners.


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Faruk Khalil
Faruk Khalilhttps://nigeriansketch.com/
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