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Manchester United Heading for Trophies, Says Jose Mourinho

Manchester United Heading for Trophies, Says Jose Mourinho

Tottenham manager, Jose Mourinho has said he believes Manchester United is  heading in the right direction under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, adding that it is only a matter of time before the Red start winning trophies again.

“It is a team that is improving year after year,” Mourinho told Sky Sports ahead of Tottenham’s game at Manchester United on Sunday.

Mourinho guided United to their last trophy, the Europa League, in 2017 having also won the League Cup during his tenure at the club.

Since then, they have failed in all competitions but Mourinho, who left Old Trafford in December 2018, said there is a high possibility they will bounce back.

“The younger players are now older, they have more experience now. The players they have bought are players of quality.

“Many of my players, important players for me in my time at United, they are not any more important.

“They have changed their team. Players that worked with me, some of them are not even now selected or they are on the bench so that is a great evolution in the team.

“They have this ambition and this responsibility of winning titles which they haven’t done for quite a long time. The last one was the Europa League so they have this motivation, this potential and they are a very good side.

“I think they will [win trophies], sooner or later they will. It’s the direction where they are going.

“The younger people are getting older, are getting more experience. Young (Marcus) Rashford is still young but he is not a kid anymore. He is a mature player just to give you an example.

“The big boys like (Nemanja) Matic, they are still there for the team, for the balance of the team, for the emotional balance of the team, so I think it’s a club in evolution.

“They want to do it and of course in the Premier League nothing is easy for anyone but they have the historical responsibility of doing it.”


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