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Media aide wraps Fayemi’s presidential ambition in more mystery   

Media aide wraps Fayemi’s presidential ambition in more mystery   

Ekiti State governor, Kayode Fayemi’s rumored presidential ambition has been further wrapped in more mystery, as his media aide, Yinka Oyebode, issued a press statement that failed to clarify anything on Saturday.

He said Fayemi’s meeting with Bola Ahmed Tinubu last week was not about presidential ambition as being rumoured in some quarters, but still failed to clarify if he is even planning to contest.

Oyebode, who said that the issues discussed at the closed-door meeting by the two APC leaders were not disclosed.

“It was a family meeting of minds. It is, therefore, disingenuous of spin doctors who were nowhere near the venue of the meeting to begin to second guess discussions at the meeting.”

In his statement in Ado Ekiti titled, “Tinubu-Fayemi meeting: The spin doctors got it wrong”, he said the meeting “had nothing to do with the presidential ambition or otherwise of either of the two political leaders.”

The governor’s aide dismissed insinuations that the meeting signposted that Fayemi had surrendered his undeclared presidential ambition to Tinubu’s declared one, saying such a speculation was baseless.

He said it was impossible for Fayemi to drop “a rumoured, yet undeclared ambition…”

He added, “If and when Dr Fayemi chooses to declare his interest in running for the 2023 presidential ticket, he would not be embarking on an ego trip that would warrant going into an unhealthy contest with Asiwaju Tinubu or anyone else.

“Fayemi sees Tinubu as his leader in politics and reserves respect for him as a national leader of his party. Neither will he run the race with the intention of using it to negotiate with anyone. Rather, he will run because he is convinced it is desirable for him to do so.

“Should Dr Fayemi eventually choose to run in the 2023 presidential race at all, he would not hide his intention to do so, neither will he involve himself in any clandestine meeting to discuss his chances, since he would have been x-rayed and classified among the preferred aspirants based on his credentials, even before he makes such declaration.”


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