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Mummy Zee’s experience reveals why African women fail in matrimony nowadays – Expert

Mummy Zee’s experience reveals why African women fail in matrimony nowadays – Expert

A Nigerian expert in marital affairs, Dosun Bolaji, has said the reaction of Nigerian men and other institutions to the story of Deborah Olaki (known on X as Mummy Zee), is a clear indication of what African men need in the women they marry.

He explained that the Western style of marital relations that some African women like to adopt was the reason most of them fail to succeed in keeping their husbands.

“A typical African man wants his wife to be dedicated, obedient and caring. Forget about all the pretense regarding Western exposure, education and economic struggles. In reality, the earlier an African woman realizes that her man prefers her to be dedicated to his affairs, the better. The old way is just the best way. The ancient tradition of obedience to the man as the head of the family is the best way to go”, he said.

“Look at the reactions to Mummy Zee’s story. It simply tells you that most Nigerian men liked, cherished and appreciated what she did. They saw in her what they desire in their women. It is a psychological reaction to an inherent attraction.”

“While some women have criticized and lambasted her for waking up at 4:30am to cook for her husband in order to keep him, men have rallied to hail and praise her, raising huge amount of money to assist her in making life better for her.

“It is a clear message to the womenfolk, stop deceiving yourself for you are appreciated more by your obedience and dedication to your husband”, he added.

The tweet that started it

Mummy Zee’s tweet that went viral had read, “I’ve always been too lazy to wake up and get his lunch ready. But the day he told me a colleague brought two spoons so he’ll eat with her was the day I set my alarm for 4.50 am.”

Mummy Zee’ is a resident of Osun state, Nigeria.

The reactions

Some social media users who criticised Olaki called her ‘insecure’ for feeling that waking up that early to cook for a man would keep him.

A popular United States based-Nigerian professor, Uju Anya, who seemed displeased with the lady’s comment, condemned her action.

Anya wrote, “So, you’re saying you rise before dawn to cook for an able-bodied adult so that he doesn’t beg co-workers for food and f*ck somebody for day-old rice and chicken?”

Another user, @emelleionaire, wrote, “Just married, and someone can steal him with small okro and pounded yam? So, my sister in Christ, what is your war plan for when your beggar husband comes across stew that is sweeter than yours?”

@ruttiexx, another user, said, “The lord is your strength because I cannot.”

However, in a dramatic turn of events, some X users, mostly men, rallied around her, requesting a contribution from like minds to encourage the housewife.

Mummy Zee, who posted her account number at 1.39 pm on Friday, has received several donations and still counting.

Land gifts

The chairman, Gtext Holding, a real estate firm, Dr. Stephen Akintayo, via his verified X handle, on Sunday, said Mummy Zee, would be allowed to pick a plot of land in any estate in their city of choice.

Akintayo tweeted, “@_Debbie_OA, I’m happy to inform you that the management of @gtextland will be giving you a plot of land in any of our estates you desire in either Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Abeokuta, Ibadan, or Asaba. Kindly DM @gtextland with your details, and they will send you the official document and also agree on the presentation day.

“Thank you for being a worthy example of a mother and wife in African culture. We believe in building homes, as this is the foundation for a healthy society. Thank you, @drsakintayo, #mummyzee.”

Earlier on Saturday, @Kemsan_acres had similarly promised the quadruplet mum and her husband land in one of its estates in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

“Hi, @_Debbie_OA seeing you’d love to be a landowner, we are excited to make you and your husband joint landowners in one of our estates in Ibadan. Kindly send us a DM and we can sort out the details,” they tweeted.

Solar energy for home

The National Agency for Science & Engineering Infrastructure promised solar energy solutions for the new home of Mummy Zee.

NASENI through its X handle @NASENIHQ posted on Sunday it would be in touch with her on powering the new home that her family would be moving into.

“@_Debbie_OA, you mentioned you’re moving house soon. We’d like to provide our solar energy solutions to power your new home, when you move. Our solar tech manufacturing company @NaseniSolar will be in touch,” the post read.


Also on Sunday, @Up___Lift who promised the family furniture wrote on X, “This might be small, but we decided to buy this sofa and dining table set for Oga to comfortably eat at 4:00am. Send details for delivery,” with @_Debbie_OA reacting “Haaa… God I’m speechless. Thank you so much.”

The above are among other numerous gifts promised or got by the woman and her husband with cash gifts already above N5 million.

NNPC’s N200,000 voucher

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPCL) has also donated a N200,000 voucher to Mummy Zee.

After her tweet went viral, the NNPC joined other lists of donors offering her a voucher redeemable at any retail station in the country.

The tweet reads: “Hello @_Debbie_OA, we love your amazing love story. And we would like to gift you a free ₦200,000 PMS voucher. (It is) redeemable at any of our 900+ retail stations nationwide.

“This will ensure that Mummy Zee has #EnergyforToday and #EnergyforTomorrow. We have just followed you. Please check your DM. Best wishes.”

Scholarship to Study in Canada?

Per BNN, Mummy Zee has been presented with a life-changing opportunity by an international educational group. The opportunity takes the form of a scholarship to study in Canada. The group’s generous offering includes a tuition scholarship, free visa processing sponsorship, and an application fee waiver for select Canadian institutions.

NigerianSketch has not been able to verify the authenticity of this information.

According to BNN,  the scholarship, conveyed by Travel Doctor on behalf of the group, covers significant portions of the tuition fees for one-year and two-year programs at three Canadian colleges: Niagara College Toronto, Fleming College, and Okanagan College/NorQuest College. This educational group became aware of Mummy Zee’s desire to further her education abroad and decided to assist her in realizing this dream.

BNN reported that the announcement of this golden opportunity was shared on social media by ChuksJaphet, who quoted Mummy Zee’s original tweet. The news has been met with an overwhelming response from the public. Many have expressed their congratulations, while others have shared their own dreams and aspirations of obtaining Canadian scholarships.



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