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NBA DUTSE CRISIS: Police Invite Factional Leader, Senior Lawyer over Forgery Allegation

NBA DUTSE CRISIS: Police Invite Factional Leader, Senior Lawyer over Forgery Allegation

The leadership tussle bugling the Dutse branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) has taken a new dimension, following the findings and recommendations of the fact-finding committee that the national body put in place to resolve the matter.

Nigerian Sketch got hint of a pending criminal suit against one of the factional leaders of the branch, Adamu Mukhtar (vice chairman), as well as a former chief law officer of the state.

A source at the Jigawa State police command told our reporter during the weekend that a complaint has been lodged against the two that has activated criminal investigation into allegations of forgery and probably fraud.

The complaint was lodged on the 5th of October, 2021.

The complaint, our source said, has to do with alleged forgery and misrepresentation in order to realize the appointment of the factional leader “into a high position at the Jigawa State ministry of justice as far back as 2018 or so.”

The report of the fact-finding committee had said the state attorney-general had victimised some of the lawyers in his ministry because of their roles in the branch’s leadership issues. The report said the attorney-general (AG) removed one of them from his position as a director, and ordered him to reverse the action or face sanction.

While the AG has so far remained mute on the matter, saying he was yet to receive the said report, there are indications that his removal of the affected officers had its basis in some infractions he had detected in the appointment, which was done by his predecessor.

Our police source said invitations have been extended to the two affected persons, and they are being expected at the police command today (Monday).

Meanwhile, there is a pending suit at the Jigawa State High Court over the branch’s leadership crisis which has not been determined, and NBA’s fact-finding committee has been accused by a faction of the branch of prejudicing a matter before a competent court.

Already, in a Notice of Consequence of Disobedience to Order of Court, dated the 4th day of October, 2021, issue by a Jigawa State High Court in suit No IDU/29/2020, the NBA and its president, Olumide Akpata, have been ordered by the High Court of Jigawa State to desist from interfering in a matter that is pending before the court or risk going to prison.


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