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NBA KANO ELECTION 2022: I will revive the glory of Kano NBA as a pressure group — Dr N. A. Ayagi

NBA KANO ELECTION 2022: I will revive the glory of Kano NBA as a pressure group — Dr N. A. Ayagi

The Kano branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) will elect a new set of leaders on Tuesday, and Nigerian Sketch reached out to the two contestants for the position of chairman of the branch with the same questions. Dr. Nuraddeen A. Ayagi responded.   

The branch election is here, what is your stake in the election this time?

I am going into the election as a contestant to the office of the Chairman of NBA Kano Branch.

Why are you eyeing the top post. What do you intend to offer?

My main objective is to give the Branch a new lease of life; to rescue it from the shackles of doldrums, inactivity and from being a paper tiger to a voice to reckon with in the scheme of things in our society.

Do you believe you have what it takes to steer the affairs of such high a historically progressive branch as the Kano branch?

Yes, I do. As a practicing lawyer with considerable number of years at Bar, and as a constant knowledge seeker who has attained a Doctorate degree in law, I see NBA as a pressure group, and it must play that role, unlike what we see today where people assume its leadership for personal aggrandizement and with nothing to offer to the general society or even our members in need.

Leadership should not be stagnant. How do you intend to do things differently from your predecessors and perhaps perform better?

If given the chance to lead the Kano branch, I will revive the glory of the NBA as a pressure group.

We have members in salaried employment in public sector like magistrates and counsel in the Ministry of Justice. These people need someone to speak for them in pursuit of their welfare and other issues.   The current NBA doesn’t care about them. We will change that.

We have female lawyers who under their umbrella association (FIDA) struggle alone to pursue their rights and that of the vulnerable in the society. I see no reason why NBA will leave them to their device in their pursuits. We shall support and back them in a male dominated profession.

Generally, I will open the political space in NBA Kano, such that we have no second-class members and every member can aspire to be anything with our support. A situation where only a privileged few enjoy the dividends of the Bar is not acceptable to me.

I will also do away with the tradition that young lawyers are considered useful only for election purposes. We will draw them close and make them part of the decision-making process.

How would you advise members of your branch to vote on the election date?

My counsel to our esteemed members as they go to the polls is that, they should reject the status quo of servitude and sycophancy and vote for change. They owe this to the posterity. They should say no to turning NBA into a monarchy where leadership is transferred to friends and cronies perpetually. Lawyers should go beyond this.

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