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NBA KANO ELECTION: Weigh contestants on a scale, S. S. Gezawa tasks voters

NBA KANO ELECTION: Weigh contestants on a scale, S. S. Gezawa tasks voters

The Kano branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) will elect a new set of leaders on Tuesday, and Nigerian Sketch reached out to the two contestants for the position of chairman of the branch with the same questions. Sagir Sulaiman Gezawa responded.      

The branch election is here, what is your stake in the election this time?

The branch election is here once again and by the grace of Allah I’m vying for the position of the branch Chairman.

Why are you eyeing the top post? What do you intend to offer?

Well, firstly, I’ll want to say naturally I’m a person that always avoid spotlights but when people look at your antecedents both in your private affairs and the little public affairs that you once had opportunity to handle, and then identify you as someone that can yet again offer your service, you hardly can say no.

A lot of people reached out to me and my associates citing my previous records of service and calling on me to offer myself for the position of Chairman, so I yielded to the calls.

What do I intend to offer? I think I’ll say myself, my time, energy, resources, Ideas and everything. One thing I can say about me is, by the grace of Allah, anything I agree to venture into, I take it very seriously and give it my best.

Do you believe you have what it takes to steer the affairs of such high a historically progressive branch as the Kano branch?

I’ll say yes without equivocation. I have all it takes to steer the affairs of this great branch. With all sense of modesty, I’ll say I’ve the experience both in terms of branch and national administration of this professional association.

I have the needed network both at the branch and national level to get things done swiftly and above all, thanks to Allah, I’ll say I’m enjoying the desired goodwill of members across all levels who will not forsake me even if eventually elected.

Members are willing to support, advise, guide and offer solutions which, as a leader, I’ll harness in making the best of decisions.

S. S. Gezawa, NBA KANO, ELECTION, contestants, scale
S. S. Gezawa said there are things he wants to do differently.

Leadership should not be stagnant. How do you intend to do things differently from your predecessors and perhaps perform better?

One of the ways I intend to do things differently is what I just highlighted above, to harness and leverage on my experiences and that of members whose advice and suggestions will be given great consideration.

Secondly, there are certain things that needed a different approach from the way we’ve been approaching them over time. Discipline of lawyers, Bar and Bench relations, lawyers’ relationship with law enforcement agents, capacity building for lawyers, and of utmost importance also is public interest matters both at the national and local levels. Our approach to all these issues will be different.

How would you advise members of your branch to vote on the election date?

Of course, my advice to them is, let them put the both of us vying for this position on an imaginary scale, look at our antecedents both as private practitioners and in NBA engagements, let them read our manifestos, our choice of words in reaching out to

S. S. Gezawa, NBA KANO, ELECTION, contestants, scale
“Put the both of us vying for this position on an imaginary scale.”

members and then vote according to their conscience, having the interest of the branch at heart.


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