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Nigerian aims to break Guinness World Records in face painting

Nigerian aims to break Guinness World Records in face painting

A 31-year-old man, Collins Whitworth, has commenced an attempt to break a world record for the most faces painted by an individual in 24 hours.

Whitworth who is a civil engineering student has painted 791 faces at the end of the 24 hours on Sunday and is awaiting confirmation from the Guinness World Record.

He started the journey to break the record on Saturday at about 5.00pm at the new site of the Bayero University Campus in Kano, where students and Kano residents turned out in numbers to give him moral support.

According to him, he set a target of painting 720 faces and above to supersede the current record holder who has recorded 700, noting that, he was given a target of 705 by Guinness World Record.

Whitworth who is a face painter believes there is more to painting than just coloring which the world needs to know about its beauty and what it signifies – Love, Unity and Peace.

While thanking all his supporters and the student community for their support, the painter further added that, to symbolize peace and unity, he has used colours of different countries to paint the faces of individuals, advocating for peace and unity around the world.

Whitworth started his paint-a-thon on Saturday afternoon.

Solacebase quoted Whitworth to have said “My name is Collins Whitworth. I am 31 years old. My origin is Delta State, but I was born and brought up in Kano State. I am a face painter. I paint faces. Considering what is ongoing in the world right now, there is fighting here and there, so I decided why not bring the world together using color to symbolize peace, love, and union, because the best way that I think I can express unity is through colors.”

“Today, I will be painting colors of different countries. With that, it is like a union where different countries are coming together to unite in love, unity, and peace. This is the idea behind all this.”

“I applied for the Guinness World Record for the most faces painted by an individual in 24 hours on July 16, 2023. I have been following up, and they sent me a confirmation message on November 28.”


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