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Nigeria’s military to retire ‘unmotivated’ soldiers with ‘divided loyalty’

Nigeria’s military to retireunmotivated’ soldiers with ‘divided loyalty’

The military in Nigeria has ordered immediate retirement of all ‘soldiers with divided loyalty or disgruntled or unmotivated personnel’ in the army, navy and the air force.

This was contained in a memo signed by the Chief of Defence Administration at the Defence Headquarters, Rear Admiral Muhammed Nagenu on Wednesday.

The memo, which was signed on behalf of the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Lucky Irabor, stated that the “disgruntled and unmotivated” officers and soldiers no longer exhibit a high level of undivided loyalty and the presence of mind required for military operations.

It partly read, “In view of the above, deployments of such personnel do not benefit the Services and are in fact counter-productive.

“Consequently, on the identification of disgruntled or unmotivated personnel, Services are advised to take steps to compulsorily discharge or retire such personnel in line with extant laws.”

The military high command explained that the order was not targeted at any officer.

The senior military officer, who did not disclose the number of officers that would be affected, maintained that it was not targeted at anybody.

He explained that no personnel would be retired or made to exit service without rigorous administrative processes and procedures being exhausted.

“Be assured that the Nigerian Military is a self-regulating organisation that holds tenaciously to the best practices of administration. The so-called memo is saying the obvious as even civil organisations would not maintain disgruntled elements.”

The Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Irabor, had last week told journalists that many personnel of the armed forces were facing court-martial for conniving with the kidnappers, bandits, terrorists and other criminals.

He said they would be made to face the wrath of the law for being internal saboteurs within the military, but declined to comment on the number of officers facing trial.

According to him, “There will always be a time where there are those who are bad eggs… there will always be bad eggs, there will always be… so for us, because there are bad eggs, or we envisaged that at some point there would be bad eggs, there are filters we’ve also made.

“Part of those filters is, even having to discover those moles and then put them on trial. They were not reported to us, we discovered them. If we didn’t have measures to discover and for us to have mechanisms for internal checks, how would we have discovered the moles?

“That we even discovered the moles that tells you to trust that something is being done about them. I’m glad he (Bernard) told you about the standing court-martial. Why did we have to create one in the theatres? Why do we even have to have one here, in Abuja, in the DHQ Garrison?

“In the DHQ Garrison, there is a standing court-martial, in all the divisions of the Nigerian Army, there are standing court-martials. Why? Because it is part of our administrative procedures to address issues because discipline is the anchor of our existence.”


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