NIPR Would Have Failed if Nigeria Slides into Anarchy, Says Officer

Sule Ya'u Sule, NIPR, Nigeria, Anarchy
Sule Ya'u Sule (left) said peace must be build to make Nigeria function

NIPR Would Have Failed if Nigeria Slides into Anarchy, Says Officer  

The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) has said it will be an indictment on its members if Nigeria failed to manage its internal crises and slides into anarchy as a result.

The institute therefore said it is organizing what it called ‘Citizens’ Summit’ to allow Nigerians ventilate their grievances and come to terms with the reality of their togetherness. The summit will hold simultaneously in all the six geopolitical zones of the country in October while the final one that will fuse all the zonal positions will hold in November in Abuja.

The coordinator of the planning committee for Northwestern zone who is also a national officer of the institute, Sule Ya’u Sule, told journalists in Kano on Wednesday that NIPR has the statutory mandate to mend where there are cracks in relationships and to build new relationships where they are needed.

According to him, NIPR’s capacity to build relationship must be put to use to safe Nigeria from disintegration.

“We shouldn’t allow Nigeria to slide into anarchy, and if we stand by and allow that, it would be an indictment on NIPR because we have the skills and capacity to build and sustains relationships. So, we are bringing all Nigerians together to talk.

“The vice president, Professor Osinbajo, has given us his words that the federal government is willing to have a look at the resolutions and recommendations of the summit, and explore the possibility of implementing them.”

He said as Kano prepares for it Northwest zonal meet, that of the Northeast will hold in Gombe; the Southsouth in Yenogua; the Southeast in Enugu; the Southwest in Ibadan; and the Northcentral in Jos.



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