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OBI-dients taunt Sam Omatseye over OBI-tuary

OBI-dients taunt Sam Omatseye over OBI-tuary

Newspaper columnist, Sam Omatseye, incurred the blazing wrath of supporter of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of Labour Party after his Monday article titled ‘Obi-tuary’ which was published in his column, ‘In Touch’.

Omatseye on Wednesday alleged that supporters of the Peter Obi were issuing death threats against him a day after he published the piece in The Nation newspaper.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Omatseye asked Obi to call his supporters to order, adding that the LP presidential candidate will be held responsible if anything happened to him.

He wrote:

“Mr. Peter Obi, call you supporters to order. They are calling and issuing death threats. If anything happens to me, you will be held responsible!!!!”

However, Obi’s supporter, self-named ‘Obi-dients’, reacted to Omatseye’s tweet with more taunting and abusive tweets.

A sample of their responses is reproduced below:


You called Mr Peter Obi supporter Obituary, don’t you know the meaning of obituary? You issued the death threat first, you are not getting more of it, you started crying. We see your own death threats to Mr Obi supporters but we can’t find their own death threat to you.


Sam Omatse-yamutu Just returning the same energy as that stupid headline of yours. Maybe next time you will get over your midlife crisis, act your age and stop trying to sound like a 21 year-old Twitter edgelord when you’re actually a 61 year-old grandfather. Silly man.


If anything happens to Peter Obi with the Obituary article you wrote, we will hold you responsible.


He never threaten Peter Obi. He shared his views. Please counter his article with your response. Show you’re better off. Only liars don’t want to be questioned. God bless our dear Nation Nigeria.


When you called Peter Obi supporters “obituary” you didn’t know that was a threat? Now they returned the threat and you started crying.


See the coward. He has been doing dirty for Tinibu from the inception of his career. He is a paid journalist from the Agbado company.


This is exactly what happened to you. You go find trouble, Obidient’s replied accordingly. Ask the other man from the PDP camp (Didn’t call name because he’s irrelevant), na so him collect too. Ps: If anything happens to Mr. Peter Obi, you will be held responsible for that.


Sir, when I thought that you have gone low for calling Osinbajo a Judas, you went lower again. How low will go for this Tinubu matter? You are rubbishing journalism. Are there no editors? Repent & perhaps, you may be forgiven.


Your write up against the very man who now bears the hope of millions of Nigeria will certainly hurt your integrity for a long time! Nobody will harm you, you have already harmed yourself, your integrity and all you worked to earn just to please and appease what?


You are the one that wrote your ‘obituary’, not Obi supporters. You saw the pit with both eyes and plunged in. How could you go so low? Did Reno coach you? At what cost? There are boundaries in public conduct, much more for a media man. You shattered all. Sad.


Did you not ever think of life beyond Tinubu servitude? Politics of do-or-die, sadly, resurfaced with Tinubu. And instead of you the fine writers to demur, you hug him with alacrity, damning the consequences or restraints of conscience. Now you don buy market. O.Y.O.


You called Nigerians Obituary and now announcing your own obituary. Such a sharp twist. You guys are pathetic!


If anything happens to any Obi Supporter after your Obituary article, you will be held responsible.

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