Pandemonium in Malali as El-Rufa’i Demolishes Settlement Overnight   

Malali, Pandemonium, Nasir El-Rufa’i, Demolishes Settlement, Overnight, Kaduna State
Kaduna State government descended on Malali at midnight and brought down houses

Pandemonium in Malali as El-Rufa’i Demolishes Settlement Overnight   

Residents of Malali in Kaduna woke up on Sunday to meet most of their houses demolished by Kaduna State government.

Nigerian Sketch gathered that the demolition exercise began around 11pm on Saturday while residents were sleeping.

Eye witnesses said half-naked men and women ran into the street to avoid being crushed to death.

“Mobile police kept firing tear gas into our houses,” Salim Ado, a resident, told Nigerian Sketch.

Reports have it that the demolition team rounded off the exercise around 6am Sunday morning, leaving rubbles on the ground and devastated residents in tears.

Shops and stores owners who left the area yesterday came back to meet businesses worth millions of naira already destroyed in their absence.

Ado said “thieves have been carting away with peoples items while the government team was demolishing houses and shops in the middle of the night.”

As at the time this story was published, Malali was a gory sight, with people standing by the road side, some of them clinging to the few properties they were able to salvage.

Others were begging for clothes to cover their nakedness, while children could be seen running around as their parents grieve.

A government official said the demolition exercise was in furtherance of Governor Nasir El-rufa’i’s urban renewal project in Kaduna State.


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