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Police siege, gunshots on Muhuyi Magaji Rimingado’s home to deliver ‘invitation letter’

Police siege, gunshots on Muhuyi Magaji Rimingado’s home to deliver ‘invitation letter’

Men of the Nigeria Police Force on Monday stormed the home of former chairman of Kano State Public Complaint and Anti-Corruption Commission (PCACC), Muhuyi Magaj Rimingado, saying they were there simply to give him an invitation letter.

Reports have it that the police have kept vigil at the residence since Sunday night, monitoring movements in the surrounding area.

The police stationed their vehicles near his Yahaya Gusau Road residence and laid ambush on him around 7pm Monday morning when a vehicle came out of the gate.

The policemen went after the vehicle which sped off, leaving them stranded as they could not catch up with it.

It was not clear if Rimingado was in the vehicle. The police have also failed to tell if they were able to arrest him. They also could not tell if they delivered the ‘invitation letter’ to him.

There were reports that gunshots were fired as police were trying to arrest Rimingado.

A resident of the area was quoted to have said “We heard sounds of gunshots and we saw the security agents around the house. Later, we heard sound of screeching tyres as they chased a vehicle that came out of the house.”

Spokesman for the Kano command of the police, Abdullahi Kiyawa, later told a section of the press that the police simply went to Rimigado’s home to give him an “invitation letter”.

Rimigado was hurriedly removed from PCACC after he allegedly began a probe into some suspected shady deals running into billions of naira involving the wife of Kano State governor, Hafsat Abdullahi Ganduje. He has since then been faced with one issue or the other with the authorities in the state.

A retired top police officer told NigerianSketch that the “thuggish manner the police stormed the area was embarrassing.”

He said “even if they wanted to arrest him, they could have done so in a professional way. But now, they made unnecessarily negative headline, and also failed to get him. It was embarrassing.”

Another resident of the area disputed that the police came to deliver an invitation letter. He queried “what sort of letter do you bring to someone’s home since yesternight and refuse to deliver till now. What kind of letter do you bring to someone that warranted that you shot guns?”

A police source said there were gun shots but that the shots were fired from Rimngado’s house. The police spokesman refused to comment on that.


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