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Sale or Heist of Kano’s Non-Performing Assets

Sale or Heist of Kano’s Non-Performing Assets

By Dalhatu Sani Yola

In moves unprecedented, prominent state-owned properties are currently being sold by KNSG and the Kano Municipal Council.

They include Triumph Publishing Company, Daula Hotel, Kano Governor’s Lodge and all KNSG buildings in Kaduna, Kano Liaison Office at Victoria Island Lagos, Kundila and Tarauni green areas, the _ganuwa _wall from Kofar Dan Agundi to Bukavu Barracks and Abbatoir sections of Kurmi market .

Hundreds of plots are demarcated and being sold in Kano State Polytechnic, Race Course, Kano Capital School, Government Secondary School on Airport Road and the vast field belonging to the Mentally Deranged Rehabilitation Centre close to Dawanau Market on Katsina road. Plots have also been curved in Jaba quarters, the Golf Course and from roadside farmlands at Tamburawa,.

Despite outcries against these brazen actions, KNSG maintains haughty silence and makes no attempt whatsoever to offer explanations or engage anybody in consultations. KNSG officials must not mistake democracy as being synonymous with autocracy. Governor Ganduje and his cohorts are basking in power and wallowing in privileges courtesy of votes from the electorate.

Leadership is a trust and responsibility to represent the people’s best interests not license to lord them over or pillage public resources. Therefore in the exercise of their right for genuine representation, Kano electorates demand accountability about these brazen sales of assets belonging to the State, particularly the due process framework adopted and full rendition of monies from the proceeds.

Besides these transparency questions, Kano electorates need to understand the logic for converting green areas into petrol filling stations, curving residential habitations on recreational grounds and building retail shops on nearly every bit of clearing within and around Kano metropolis.

To be sure, buildings would not accelerate business development nor facilitate innovative transformation. KNSG officials should wake up to the realities of governance.

Today, market practices are underlined by over pricing and product adulteration. Public education is in rotten state overwhelmed by poor teacher quality and deficient infrastructure. Manufacturing is dormant. Public utilities provisioning is lacking. Street lightening and clean potable water are nonexistent. Civil service ethos and values are fading. City gutters and neighborhoods are dirty and unsanitary. Social structures need strengthening, families and community values, have eroded.

Kano desperately needs honest, committed and god fearing leaders keenly conscious of the fact that even if they escape judgment in Nigeria, they would eventually stand before God Almighty.

Sani-Yola writes from the Federal University, Dutse.


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