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Salihu Tanko Yakasai: A Sacrificial Lamb

Salihu Tanko Yakasai: A Sacrificial Lamb

By Bashir Kabir

While it is not surprising that the game of politicking involves being able to function under various masks depending on the situation and the interest at the moment, disposing of subordinates on the political sacrificial alter is a familiar trick played to misdirect or divert speculations.

As a subordinate, the way it works always is, you’re expected unfailingly to promote the boss’s ideas in the most perfect light. This also entails heralding their achievements and downplaying their wrong-doings even if that ends up discrediting you. One gets rewarded (materially or by position) for forgoing all personal opinions and interest in a sheer display of that loyalty to the boss. That is what a good subordinate is in practicality. However, due to closeness, these subordinates often know their bosses’ faces without the masks on.

It is unexpected when a contradiction of interest explicitly manifests in such relationships where loyalty is apparently not the issue. It is either the subordinate is careless enough to expose the real face of the boss when they shouldn’t or a matter of conscience failing to align with perceived wrongdoing by the boss.

In all decency of fair governance, expression of view in the form of criticism is not a crime, particularly when there is indeed a lot to burning issues that need to be talked about. Yes, there is a security emergency and hope is going down as to when all the violence ravaging the nations is expected to come to an end and normalcy restored.

Tanko’s criticism of the current administration hardly comes across as an out-of-place sentiment or a targeted attack. But it does in the regards that it comes across as an anti-party barrage for someone with his position in an APC-led government. If all is well, this is not expected to come from him.

His immediate arrest by the DSS expands the crisis which led to the impulsive-style of his sacking. Capitalizing on the crisis through political telescope, interpretations started flying. The all-familiar sacking most importantly is not coming through as convincing.

Tanko’s incidence has precedence. It would be recalled that a commissioner was sacked in the past for some non-work or performance-related issues in a form of a statement he made in the parlance that was against the APC community. There is every likelihood that the anti-APC opinion expressed by Tanko is not a random occurrence.

The removal of the aide in a swift manner that was intended to send the message that he was on his own in the widely circulated criticism doesn’t seem to add up. This was seen as a frantic effort of mending a full-blown bridge. Perhaps, the opinion of the Member representing Kano municipal in the House of Representatives, Shaaban Ibrahim Sharada, that “the embattled former media aid to Kano State Governor, Salihu Tanko Yakasai, was speaking on behalf of his boss, Ganduje’ is not totally out of context.

While the rep’s statement was understandably seasoned by the vendetta with the Kano State governor, Ganduje, vis-à-vis the history the two have of a fallout, it has shed some light where there was none before and raised critical questions like; what if the anti-APC opinion by Tanko was not a slip of tongue, that it is indeed a thing in the Kano State government house?

If the answer to the above question turned out in the affirmative, a myriad of yet puzzling questions would beg for answers. Why is the governor hiding behind the mask of support to his party while he nurses sabotage intent as aptly put by Shaaban that “His (Ganduje’s) anti-party activities against the All Progressives Congress and other efforts he is making in frustrating party members in the state is an attempt to weaken the party because he has sensed that his political ambition in 2023 is looking unachievable?”

As the APC prepares to face yet another election battle in 2023, a perceived failed political ambition by the governor as mentioned by Shaaban could be a good reason for him to not care about the party’s performance. This might heavily impact the APC’s fate in Kano State in the 2023 election year. Also, how many will have to be sacrificed on the altar to preserve reputation, and for how long would the alleged anti-party accusation go on hidden before it is finally taken to the electorate?

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