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See all areas Wike marked for demolition in Abuja

See all areas Wike marked for demolition in Abuja

The areas that are currently marked for demolition have been identified by the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

6,000 illegal structures across 30 areas have been identified.

During his first press conference, the Minister of the FCT, Nyesom Wike, on Monday, said there is a need to restore the master plan of Abuja, and there would be no room for any form of distortion.

He further reiterated that there would be no sentiments in carrying out his duties as he is ready to step on toes, mainly if these illegal structures belong to a minister or an ambassador.

On the demolition of illegal structures, the director of the FCTA Department of Development Control Director, Muktar Galadima, said: “We would find time to go back and conduct a new survey. As of February 2022, 6,000 abandoned houses were identified.”

These areas are listed below:

  1. Apo Mechanic Village
  2. Byanzhin.
  3. Dawaki
  4. Dei Dei.
  5. Durumi.
  6. Dutse.
  7. Garki.
  8. Garki Village.
  9. Gishiri.
  10. Gwagwalape.
  11. Idu.
  12. Jabi.
  13. Kado Village.
  14. Karmo.
  15. Karshi.
  16. Karu.
  17. Katampe.
  18. Ketti Village.
  19. Kpaduma.
  20. Kabusa.
  21. Kpana Village.
  22. Kubwa.
  23. Lokogoma.
  24. Lugbe.
  25. Mabushi.
  26. Mpape.
  27. Nyanya.
  28. Piya Kasa.
  29. Jikwoyi
  30. Galadima


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