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Sports Writers Knock Kano Government over Poor Sports Policies, Infrastructure

Sports Writers Knock Kano Government over Poor Sports Policies, Infrastructure

By Abdulgafar Oladimeji

Journalists under the umbrella of Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN)  Kano state chapter have decried the absence of quality sports policies and infrastructures that would propel genuine sports development in the state.

The body, in a communiqué Issued at the end of Its congress held on Thursday, signed by the chairman and secretary, Zahradeen Saleh and Abdulgafar Oladimeji respectively bemoaned what the august gathering described as the current state of inadequate funding of the sports sector, stressing that the non release of approved funds and untimely releases by the state government constitute an obstacle to sports promotion and development in the state.

The body explained that sports activities are time bound, adding that the   lackadaisical approach towards release of sports funds is the major bane of sports development in the state.

The body posited that the state government, if truly committed to repositioning sports should proceed to enact policies that will attract potential investors and sponsors to invest in sports infrastructure, the state teams and competitions.

The communique said “congress  decry the messy and unenviable state of sports facilities  in the state, particularly the  neglect been suffered  by the renown  Kofar Na’isa sport complex, the stoppage of construction works at KSSC premises and  the dilapidated state of Kano Pllars stadium, Sabon Gari and Ado Bayero square sports complex.

“The state government should chart a clear cut sports polices that will move the sector away from its present state of comatose due to lack of policy direction and disjointed implementation structural arrangement.”SWAN Kano stated.

The statement further stated that “congress called on the state government to squarely address the issue of repositioning the Sports sector.

“Congress called on relevant sports authorities and the state government to put a wedge on the activities of political infiltrators who ambush sports administration leading to the unwarranted skirmishes in the sector, which culminates into poor performances in all facets of Kano sports sector.

The group tasked the state government on the efficacy of professionalism,   noting that the state government should ensure that only qualified persons are entrusted and appointed to superintend over sports duties.



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