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STUDENTS ABDUCTION: Kebbi Shuts 7 Schools Considered Unsafe Indefinitely

STUDENTS ABDUCTION: Kebbi Shuts 7 Schools Considered Unsafe Indefinitely

Seven schools in Kebbi State have been ordered to be shutdown indefinitely after bandits attacked Federal Government College (FGC), Birnin Yauri.

More may still suffer the same fate, depending on their location and consideration of their safety.

State chairman of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), Alhaji Isah Arzika, told newsmen on Saturday that the schools affected by the order were those located in areas thought to be prone to bandit attacks.

He said that the state government had deployed police and vigilantes to monitor and protect schools in the state, adding that “Government has given us an order and option to take any necessary action as far as our schools are concerned. That we can close those schools which we think are not safe and prone to attacks in the areas close to the forest.”

The NUT chairman explained that “I am not talking about only boarding schools, any school that is on the frontline and it is not safe, we would just ask the students to pack and go home, pending the time the situation normalises.

“Before now, the state government had recruited large number of vigilante members to look over our schools and we are very much satisfied with what the government has done.

“Some of these schools that I am talking about have policemen attached to them, honestly, we are satisfied with government actions”, he said.

On the FGC Yauri abductions, the NUT chairman said: “Since the security agencies have swung into action on the bandits, we have not made fresh contact with the parents and relatives of the students and teachers still in their captivity.

“When we made our first contact two days ago, precisely on Thursday, they did not demand any ransom, instead, they told the parents and relatives that they only wanted to establish contact with them and inform them that their children are with them.

“As I am talking to you, two of our teachers have regained their freedom. Already, seven schools on the frontline in that area have been closed and more will be closed, if we realise the situation is not safe for the teachers and students.

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