Sunday Dare Rendering Sports Lifeless in Nigeria, Says Emeana

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Nigeria's sports minister, Sunday Dare

Sunday Dare Rendering Sports Lifeless in Nigeria, Says Emeana

By Abdulgafar Oladimeji

The inconsistencies in administering sports policies and ceaseless government interference have continued to affect investment in the sector, leading to its present bleak state, renown sports administrator and member of the immediate past board of Nigeria Rugby Football Federation (NRFF), David Emeana has stated.

Emeana told sport writers in Kano recently that due to the poor handling of sports developmental and promotional issues in Nigeria, the economic sector of the industry has a dry future.

He queried how government officers charged with running sports affairs kept acting like bulls in a china shop, ignoring the damages been inflicted on the sector through what he called their retrogressive actions.

Emeana  further  noted that overtime sports  investors have shunned  Nigeria and blamed the situation on unwarranted interferences from government officials who are consistent in earning Nigeria the wrath of global sports governing bodies.

He described the recent fiat dissolution of Nigeria sports federations by Nigeria’s minister of sports, Sunday Dare, as an affront act that was totally unacceptable, arguing that the decision has portrayed Nigerian sports in negative light.

According to him, Sunday Dare, in contrast to his recent action should have invested his energy towards granting autonomy to the national sporting bodies to enable them fetch funds and also operate according to best global sports practices.

He said true autonomy granted to the sporting bodies in Nigeria will open avenues for more investors, since the federations will then be immune from government interference, which is the greatest fear been harbored by potential investors, adding that presently the industry could be best described as lifeless.


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