Tension among Igbos in Kano as Factional Leaders Fight for Supremacy

Tension, Ibos in Kano, factional leaders, fight for supremacy, Igwe Okenchukwu Oliver Akpaudo, Brendan Ogochukwu Mba, Boniface Ibekwe
Typical Igbo community at an event

Tension among Igbos in Kano  

Safe for the intervention of security operatives in Kano State last Sunday, crisis of unimaginable dimension would have erupted between two factions of Igbo leadership in Kano metropolis.

The bone of contention was the planned celebration of new yams festival by Igwe Okenchukwu Oliver Akpaudo’s led faction, during which his second in command, Brendan Ogochukwu Mba was to be crowned.

According to Nigerian Sketch‘s investigation, everything was set for the ceremony when the Boniface Ibekwe-led faction, fearing that the ceremony would give his rival some credibility, rushed to the High Courts in Kano on Friday to obtain an injunction stopping the ceremony.

This, according to our source did not naturally go down well with Apaudo’s faction which continued the preparations for the ceremony since, according to a source, the factional leader didn’t receive the court injunction till Sunday morning when programs were deemed to commence.

However, just as the program was about to commence, a detachment of anti-robbery squad landed to stop the program on the basis of enforcing the court injunction. The anti-robbery squad also said if the program had continued unstopped, a physical combat between the groups would not have been averted.

Our correspondent who was at the Igwe’s palace at New Road where the program was to take place on Sunday was informed that the Eze and other members of his cabinet were at the police headquarters to meet with the state commissioner who we understood summoned a meeting of the warring factions to sensitise them about the absolute need to allow peace to reign in the state.

Our findings have shown that notwithstanding the intervention of security operatives in the matter, the tension generated is still high among Ibo community in Kano.

A crossed section of Igbos interviewed in Kano metropolis are of the opinion  that this factional disagreement among the Ibos has of late been a source of threat to peace in Kano metropolis.

Some of them said since both factions have sizeable support among the Ibos in Kano, the state government must intervene to appoint a neutral and respected Ibo man to head the Igbos in Kano.

A great numbers of those interviewed expressed disappointment that while other groups in Kano are living in peace with single leaderships, the Igbos have for long refused achieve a consensus in leadership.


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