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The Chairman, CECPC and the Calculated Campaign of Calumny

The Chairman, CECPC and the Calculated Campaign of Calumny

The dictionary describes success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So, to recognize and appreciate the meaning of success, one must try to see, or imagine the line between success and failure, and the efforts of fifth columnists, whose objective is always to reverse the trend. That line, which is sometimes very thin, is appreciated only by those who know the meaning of opportunity cost.

Sometimes in the middle of last year, pursuant to the wrangling bedeviling the ruling party, the APC, particularly the endless complaints against the then national chairman of the party, Chief Adams Oshiomhole, accusing him of narrowing the party to himself and one of the founders of the party, committing countless infractions and sidelining the NEC, the party held an emergency NEC meeting in Abuja, presided over virtually by President Muhammadu Buhari at the Council Chamber, Presidential Villa.

The meeting agreed to dissolve the factionalized National Working Committee, NWC, and set up a caretaker/national convention committee, headed by the Governor of Yobe State, H.E. Mai Mala Buni, a former national secretary of the party.

The wisdom behind the choice of Governor Mai Mala Buni was not only hinged on his proper knowledge of the party, having been at the secretariat of the party for a remarkably reasonable time, but most importantly, because as a first term governor, with the ambition of going for a second term, he would not engage in doing the selfish biddings of others, to the detriment of his second term ambition. These factors, alongside the adjudged humility of the Governor, made him a quick buy by all.

From day one, Governor Buni and his team in the CECPC, knew the challenge before them, and they were quick to hit the ground running, by taking the challenges head on. They started by bending backward, to reach out to all the dissatisfied members of the party for fast settlement. Within a short time, the result of these efforts began to manifest, by way of many people jumping into the legacy bus of progress.

The successes of the Buni-led Caretaker Committee are certainly the result of strategic planning, combined with his anticipated bridge-building capability. Despite the loud complaints of the poor reward system of the party, the CECPC was able to engage in the successful reconciliation of aggrieved party members, who returned to the fold with a positive mind of winning future elections, and by extension, ensuring sustainable service delivery to the people.

It is only natural therefore, that in the discharge of such a difficult mandate, those saddled with the responsibility of making the “omelets”, would be the target of crucifixion by those using the eggs for self aggrandizement. These people are likely to be unjustifiably displeased, because the feeling bottle is taken off their mouth.

In fury, they would engage in making all manner of false and defamatory statements against the CECPC, particularly the chairman, who is the champion of the mandated correction, with a view to tarnishing their reputation, regardless of the lawyers warning against slander.

Having failed to ridicule the legality of the formation of the CECPC, and also having failed in marketing the idea of getting His Excellency, Mai Mala Buni to  relinquish his chairmanship of the committee, these discontented moles, would continue to be actively opposed, or remain hostile to whatever moves the committee is making to deliver the party to the Eldorado.

If we look at the quantum of successes recorded by the party under the leadership of the CECPC, particularly in the areas of the recently concluded ward, local government and state congresses, despite the inescapable complaints coming from expected quarters, we cannot fail to see the applaudable quality and character of members of the committee, who succeeded in bringing oneness to the party and restoring the mechanisms that are making internal harmony a visible feature of the APC today. Undoubtedly the CECPC under His Excellency Mai Mala Buni is delivering well, in fact even going beyond expectations, on the basic assignments given to it.

The critics may say whatever they wish to say, but as a party, the APC is waxing stronger nationwide. The recent party registration exercise had shown that nearly fifty million Nigerians have registered with it, as a consequence of the confidence in the leadership style of President Muhammadu Buhari, and the stewardship of Governor Mai Mala Buni in the Committee.

With the exception of Senator Kabiru Marafa, who was responsible for the initial setback of the party in his native Zamfara State, gone are the days when aggrieved members are always on the way to the courts, seeing redress against the leadership of the party. Even President Muhammadu Buhari, while receiving members of the caretaker committee, expressed happiness, with the successful performance of the CECPC, under H.E. Mai Mala Buni.

The Committee must equally be commended for establishing the reconciliation committee, under the leadership of Senator Abdullahi Adamu, which is reaching out to all aggrieved members, with a view to clearing all entertained misgivings.

And if patiently followed to the latter, the reconciliation committee would deliver on ending the calculated campaign of calumny against Governor Buni, the CECPC, and ultimately the President of Nigeria, His Excellency, Muhammadu Buhari.


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