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TINUBU’S CREDENTIALS: APC spokesman says Atiku suffering from ‘post-election defeat disorder’

TINUBU’S CREDENTIALS: APC spokesman says Atiku suffering from ‘post-election defeat disorder’

Nigeria’s ruling political party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Tuesday lambasted the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, for exposing President Bola Tinubu’s academic records from the Chicago State University.

The National Publicity Director of the APC, Bala Ibrahim, said Atiku was suffering from ‘post-election defeat disorder.’

He claimed Nigerians had rejected the opposition party following years of mismanagement and admonished the former vice president to quit politics.

This is happening as the United States’ District Court for Northern Illinois reportedly received the former Lagos State governor’s certificates as ordered by Justice Nancy Maldonado.

The court was still taking the deposition of Tinubu’s certificates as of 8pm Nigerian time on Tuesday, following the release of the documents by CSU on Monday in compliance with the court ruling.

The Chicago State University released the academic records of the President following requests by Atiku, who was the PDP candidate in the February 25, 2023 presidential election.

Magistrate Jeffrey Gilbert had on September 19 granted Atiku’s request for the release of Tinubu’s academic records but the President filed a review of the order.

Tinubu’s lawyers insisted that the documents would not be relevant in Atiku’s appeal against Tinubu at the Supreme Court and asked for a review of the ruling.

However, Justice Nancy Maldonado, a federal judge, overruled Tinubu’s objections and ordered the CSU to release the president’s academic records.

In the CSU documents, which went viral late Monday night, the institution responded to Atiku’s four requests.

Bala Ibrahim, TINUBU’S CREDENTIALS, Atiku Abubakar, Post-election defeat disorder, Chicago State University
APC’s national publicity director, Bala Ibrahim, thniks Atiku should retire from politics

The APC publicity director berated Atiku for going to such a length in bitterness over his electoral loss.

He stated, “We have said it times without number that the PDP and Atiku are suffering from ‘defeat disorder syndrome.’ The next thing for them to do now is to file another application at the court asking for the number of times Tinubu attended lectures at the Chicago State University.

“There is just nothing they won’t question, including asking God why he created the man Tinubu. There is what they call post-trauma disorder syndrome. If they are not treated for it, they will continue to manifest stupidity until such a time when the proper psychiatric assessment of their situation is done.”

Ibrahim further knocked the PDP for refusing to accept defeat, advising the party’s presidential candidate to retire from public life.

“Remember, Nigerians voted them out. They refused to accept it and went to court. The court threw them out. They refused and went abroad where they were voted out again.

“Now, they are still refusing to accept. To us, it is a foregone issue. The case has been rested. Atiku should just swallow his pride and bow out of public life,” he counselled.

PDP’s position

However, the PDP insisted that Tinubu’s academic record released by his alma mater had vindicated its position.

The PDP Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Ibrahim Abdullahi, claimed the CSU record indicated that the President presented conflicting documents to the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Abdullahi hinted that the relevant documents would be presented before the Supreme Court to prove the PDP and Atiku’s case against Tinubu.

Atiku had filed 35 grounds of appeal at the apex court to nullify the Presidential Election Petitions Court’s judgment that affirmed Tinubu as the winner of the February presidential election.


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