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Total blackout in ABU Zaria, as KAEDCO disconnects varsity over unpaid bills

Total blackout in ABU Zaria, as KAEDCO disconnects varsity over unpaid bills

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria has been plunged into darkness as the Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company (KAEDCO) yanked the institution off its grid over failure to pay its bills.

ABU’s head of Bulk Metering Unit on Wednesday sent a notice to the university community to say “We apologize for the long outage without explanation. Our service providers took the University off-grid this early morning. The University Management is doing all it can to make sure light is restored as soon as possible. Pls bear with the situation and accept our sincere apology once again.”

Nigerian Sketch’s investigations revealed that the institution owed KAEDCO N931, 479,317.84, and the distribution company has already sent a disconnection notice before it took the university off its grid.

ABU, KAEDCO, disconnection, unpaid bill
This disconnection notice was not heeded by the university authority.

A member of the university community told our reporter that this was not the first time the university “was embarrassed this way. If I remember, during the rainy season, there was a problem and the KAEDCO people refused to come and fix it because, according to them, they had not been instructed from their head office. And the head office kept dribbling ABU bulk metering officials. They only came after some days. This happened because ABU is a debtor customer. It is embarrassing.”

On the 10th of March, 2023, the university community was informed that KAEDCO was indifferent to the blackout in the university, as the company refused to effect repairs on the affected electricity facility.

The head of Bulk metering wrote: “Good afternoon all. May I use this opportunity to apologize once again for not responding to your request. The information remain the same as stated earlier. The repairs is the responsibility of our service providers and they are not responding to our phone calls & mails (Including our official letter). Their office here insisted the are waiting for positive response from their Head office, Kaduna.
We visited the Head office today and we are doing all we can to resolve the abnormality for them to carry out the repairs.
There is no guarantee to when it will be resolved as their Management and the University Management should have a common ground. Inconveniences are highly regretted.”

Few days later, good news came. “This is to inform you that agreement was reached and they are now in the University for the repairs. We thank you all for your patience and understanding.”

But, 25 days after, the university has been thrown into total darkness.



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