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Trump’s COVID-19 Tricks Predicted, Exposed by John Cammo Since September 18

Trump’s COVID-19 Tricks Predicted, Exposed 

Many may not know it, but someone had already predicted that US President, Donald Trump, will announce that he had contracted COVID-19 early October, and that it would be a publicity stunt to overshadow his political opponent in the coming presidential election.

The prediction was made by one JohnCammo on Twitter as far back as September 18, 2020 when he wrote to predict Trumps announcement. He wrote on Twitter: “Trump’s October surprise will be announcement of ‘his infection.’ Fake, but quite dramatic. This twist will blow Biden off the screens, the ‘Trump COVID watch’ dominating every minute of every day. Then, 14 days later, Trump will emerge, 100% cured by hydroxychloroquine.

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This Twitter post may have played down the effect of the stunt if it was one in the first place.

Soon after US president, Donald Trump, announced on his official Twitter handle in the early hours of Friday, October 2 that he and his wife Melania have tested positive for Covid-19, a barrage of commentaries have been directed at the first couple from far and near.

Nigerian Sketch noted that most of the comments were sympathetic while others were a scathing mockery of the US leader, especially given his earlier consistent rejection of the efficacy of the virus and his insinuation that it was a Chinese affair.

Trump had also downplayed the lack of a definite cure for the disease, supporting the claims that Chloroquine might be effective in stopping it.

“Did Trump stop taking his Chloroquine or hdq? Well, there is the Cameroonian doctor, he could as well ingest bleach as cure…”, said Tolu Sueiman Animashaun in a Facebook post.

Ahmad Muhammad Danyaro wrote, “It is unclear how Trump and Melania test positive of the Chinese virus. But his Chloroquine can help.”

Some have read political motive into Trump’s announcement, saying it was designed to galvanise sympathy votes for him.

“I think it was a stunt to get sympathy votes. He may announce within a week that he beat corona thus making him a super man. That man is born actor”, wrote Okeke Tochukwu Obidimma.

Joachim Okhai was angry about “A President who sat on his hands and indirectly supervised the death of over 200, 000 Americans.”


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