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Two previous mistakes prove Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua needs to happen NEXT

Two previous mistakes prove Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua needs to happen NEXT

By Nasir Jabbar

We don’t want a repeat of TWO previous mistakes in boxing – Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua needs to happen NEXT before it’s too late.

Genuine blockbuster super-fights in boxing are few and far between. The politics of the sport rears its ugly head when trying to arrange these massive spectacles. From different television networks to rival promoters, there are plenty of variables at play for any fight but differences need to be put aside in order to make the much-discussed all-British showdown become a reality.

It’s the fight to make and it should be NEXT. The timing is perfect too. Fury is without an opponent following the highly-publicised collapse of the undisputed clash against Usyk and Joshua barely took any damage in his comeback win against Jermaine Franklin. So, in an ideal world, talks should be underway now.

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Tyson Fury knocks out Wilder

If Fury vs Joshua happens next then it wouldn’t be a long-overdue fight. A summer clash allows both fighters to perform in their athletic prime – the same cannot be said about Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan vs Kell Brook.

Two recent super-fights which should have been played out much sooner as bouts took place a good five to 10 years too late.

Team Fury and Team Joshua need to look at bouts such as these as examples of how boxing keeps shooting itself in the foot and meet in the ring while they are at the top of their game.

You can’t blame boxing fans for becoming increasingly disillusioned with the sport when there’s a history of an inability to make the fights they want to see.

The idea of Fury and Joshua facing off is in danger of falling into the category of talking the talk but not walking the walk. For boxing’s sake, Fury and Joshua’s respective promoters Frank Warren and Eddie Hearn need to come to a conclusion and deliver the match for the sport and, more importantly, the fans.

Yes, Joshua just picked up his first win since December 2020 and didn’t exactly set the world alight with his performance against Franklin but ‘AJ’ is still a fan favourite and a highly-ranked fighter who still harbours ambitions of becoming the best version of himself.

And squaring him up against the self-proclaimed ‘Gypsy King’ could be exactly the kind of motivation he needs to perform at his very best.

If Fury vs Joshua doesn’t happen soon, then it’s at risk of losing its attraction among fans and becoming a part of a long list of fights happening well past its sell-by date.

Frank and Eddie, do boxing a favour and make Fury vs. Joshua.

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