Tyson Fury talks dirty after Oleksandr Usyk turns down December title fight

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Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury talks dirty after Oleksandr Usyk turns down December title fight

Tyson Fury has vowed to “obliterate” heavyweight rival Oleksandr Usyk – branding the Ukrainian fighter a “p***y” and a “little b***h” in an intense call-out video.

Usyk retained the WBA, WBO and IBF heavyweight titles last month with another points decision victory over Anthony Joshua in their rematch in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Victory for Usyk sets up the mouth-watering prospect of an undisputed title fight against Fury, who recently informed the WBC he plans to hold onto his belt despite previously claiming to have retired.

However, Usyk has played down the chances of the fight taking place later this year and says he needs to time off to recover from his last bout.

“Fighting Tyson Fury in December is impossible,” Usyk said.

“First, I have old injuries. Second, I just don’t want to box in December. I haven’t left the gym for half a year, I want to be with my children, my family. Boxing can wait a little.

“Next year I think it will happen. I want the WBC title. It was captured by the gypsies, some kind of king.

“We don’t know what Tyson has in his head. Everyone knows that this is a very crazy guy. I would really like this fight to happen next year.”

Fury has responded to Usyk’s comments with an intense call-out video on Twitter, in which he promises to “obliterate” the former undisputed cruiserweight champion.

“Usyk, middleweight. You say you want the WBC [belt] and it’s held by Gypsies. It is held by Gypsies; it’s held by the ‘Gypsy King’, and it’s held tightly – grasped tight,” said Fury.

“And all roads lead to a seven-foot behemoth that will absolutely destroy you, middleweight.

“Middleweight, you will get smashed to bits. You said you wanted to fight me after you beat the bodybuilder [Joshua], called me out on television, and now you’re being a little b***h, p***y boy – running, hiding, saying you’ve got injuries.

“You ain’t got no injuries, you had a sparring contest.

“Get out and fight in December. You let your mouth go, now let’s back it up. See if you can back it up, middleweight.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s December, or April or August next year; the outcome will be the same, I will obliterate you.

“I’m a seven-foot, 20-stone behemoth, and I will destroy you, middleweight. Find your balls, come see me. B***h.”


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