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UNDISPUTED: Was Tyson Fury afflicted with Drake curse?

UNDISPUTED: Was Tyson Fury afflicted with Drake curse?

There are theories in some quarters that Tyson Fury’s fortune in his encounter with Oleksandr Usyk was affected by the so-called Drake curse.

Before the fight, Drake revealed on Instagram that he had gambled $565,000 on Fury to win. He lost, as Fury lost. If Fury had won, he would have collected just over $1million.

But Usyk beat Fury by split decision in Saudi Arabia to become the first undisputed heavyweight boxing champion in 24 years, adding the WBC title to his own WBA, IBF and WBO belts.

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Drake lost a $615,000 (about N984 million) bet after Anthony Joshua knocked out Francis Ngannou in their much-hyped heavyweight showdown in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Although Drake has recorded some big wins and losses in betting, he has gained notoriety with “the Drake Curse,” an assertion by fans accusing him of ‘cursing’ athletes and teams after being pictured with them.

What is Drake curse?

The Drake Curse is a phenomenon in sports where teams, athletes, or individuals who have been associated with the Canadian rapper Drake often experience a run of bad luck or poor performance after their interaction with him. This curse gained attention due to a series of incidents where teams and athletes faced setbacks following encounters with Drake.

One notable instance of the Drake Curse occurred in April and May 2019 when Vladimir Guerrero Jr., a highly anticipated MLB prospect, made his debut for the Toronto Blue Jays. Despite high expectations, Guerrero struggled during his initial games, leading some to attribute his performance to the Drake Curse.

In another case, the Toronto Maple Leafs suffered a Game 7 loss in the 2019 Stanley Cup playoffs after Drake was seen wearing their jersey. This defeat added to the narrative of the curse affecting sports teams.

The curse extends beyond North American sports, as seen in instances like Conor McGregor’s loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov in October 2018. McGregor’s association with Drake prior to the fight led to speculation about the curse influencing the outcome.

Furthermore, Serena Williams experienced setbacks during the U.S. Open in August and September 2015 after being linked to Drake. The tennis star’s defeat during this period added to the mystique surrounding the curse.

The Drake Curse has become a topic of discussion among fans and analysts, with many attributing unexpected losses or poor performances in sports to interactions with the rapper. While some view it as mere coincidence, others believe there may be something more supernatural at play.

Ngannou warnings

Drake curse, UNDISPUTED, Tyson Fury, Oleksandr Usyk, Boxing
Drake and Ngannou

Ahead of the Joshua/Ngannou fight, the Cameroonian met up with Drake, as he posted a picture of them on Twitter, alongside the caption: “God’s plan.”

But boxing fans predicted that Ngannou was doomed, as one commented: “The Drake Curse just lowered your chances even more.”

While a third said: “Damn, you touch Drake you get cursed. Sorry to say, you lost bro.”

The Drake curse is an unusual phenomenon that has affected a number of superstitious athletes over the years.

And it stems from the fact that Many sport’s people’s downfalls seem to coincide with them meeting Drake, or if he is simply supporting them.

Anthony Joshua fell foul to the Drake curse in 2019 when he suffered one of the greatest upsets in boxing history against Andy Ruiz Jr.

The same thing happened to Conor McGregor when he was beaten by Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2018.

It is not just combat sports athletes, as Sergio Aguero was affected by the same curse when he missed a penalty in 2019 that saw Manchester City lose to Tottenham in the Champions League.

Drake and gambling

Drake, the Canadian rapper, singer, and actor, has been known to be a fan of gambling and betting. He has been seen placing bets on various sports events, including basketball and football games.

Drake’s love for sports betting

Drake has a well-documented love for sports, especially basketball. He is a frequent attendee of NBA games and has been seen sitting courtside at various games, cheering on his favorite teams. Along with his love for basketball, Drake also enjoys betting on the games. He has been known to place bets on his favorite teams, including the Toronto Raptors and the Los Angeles Lakers.

In addition to basketball, Drake also enjoys betting on other sports, such as football. He has been seen placing bets on various NFL games, including the Super Bowl.

High-stakes betting

Drake is known for his high-stakes betting habits. He has been reported to place six-figure bets on various sports events. In 2019, Drake made headlines when he placed a $200,000 bet on UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal to win his fight against Nate Diaz. Masvidal ended up winning the fight, and Drake won $270,000 from the bet.

Drake’s high-stakes betting habits have also gotten him into trouble in the past. In 2017, he made a bet with fellow rapper Fetty Wap that he could not make a half-court shot during a basketball game. Drake lost the bet and had to pay Fetty Wap $10,000.

Collaboration with online betting companies

Due to his love for gambling and betting, Drake has collaborated with various online betting companies in the past. In 2019, he signed a deal with Stake.com, an online cryptocurrency casino and sportsbook. As part of the deal, Drake became a brand ambassador for the company and was featured in various promotional materials.

Addiction worries

Despite his love for gambling and betting, Drake has also been open about the dangers of addiction. In 2019, he spoke out about his own struggles with gambling addiction and encouraged his fans to seek help if they were experiencing similar issues.

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