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US rap icons, Jay-Z, Dr Dre, reveal favorite Premier League clubs

US rap icons, Jay-Z, Dr Dre, reveal favorite Premier League clubs

American music icons Jay-Z and Dr Dre have named the Premier League clubs that they support.

Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Corey Carter, is one of the most well-known musicians in the world and was declared the greatest rapper of all time by Billboard.

Aside from music, Jay-Z is often pictured at many sporting events having been seen at Superbowls, NBA games, the Wimbledon final and football matches.

Back in 2009, Jay-Z’s love for Arsenal was questioned after he was a guest of Manchester City when they beat the Gunners 4-2.

However, Jay-Z reaffirmed that he is an Arsenal fan during an interview with Arsenal Magazine.

As per NME, he said: “After that game the press started reporting that I was a Manchester City fan, I am really glad all that has been cleared up and that everybody in the UK knows that I am an Arsenal fan.

Jay-Z went on to explain that Thierry Henry was the reason he chose the Gunners.

He continued: “It was about five years ago now. When Thierry Henry was at the club I saw him play and I just thought he was an amazing player.

“Ever since then I have been a big fan of the club, following you guys, and still today you play the beautiful football that Thierry did. I think he had a real long term effect on the team.”

At the time, the rapper also hinted that he would be interested in investing in football in the future.

Jay-Z said: “I am a businessman, and I will always look at an opportunity, and if it feels right, great.

“I don’t know a lot about the business of soccer, but in the future if the right opportunity presented itself, then who knows?”

Dr. Dre reveals Premier League teamDr Dre, Jay-Z,  Premier League, Arsenal, Liverpool, Football, US rap icons, favorite clubs, Support

Dr. Dre on his part revealed which Premier League club he supports and even namechecked some of their best players.

Dre – real name Andre Romelle Young – revealed his English team following a promotional tour in London with N.W.A back in 1988.

During his tour, he said one night they were watching TV and stumbled across Liverpool, describing them as ‘cool cats in red’.

“They’re the team I always look out for when I’m at home,” he told the club’s official website.

“Back in 1988 I was in London on a promotional tour with NWA, and one night we were watching TV and these cool cats in red came on the box.

“They whupped some poor dudes four or five zip.”

On the game he watched that night, he singled out John Barnes as he compared him to iconic basketball player ‘Magic’ Johnson.

“John Barnes. He was bad,” he said.

“Kinda reminded me of Magic Johnson. I’m from LA and dig the Lakers, especially when Magic was there, and Barnes was like him, in that he made the ball talk. The cat was cool.”

Dre added: “Michael Owen is your most famous player in the States. Robbie Fowler and Jamie Redknapp are old school, so I’ve seen them play quite a few times. And there’s the guy with the long hair. Help me out here…”

Reminded of Czech star Patrik Berger, he replied: “Bingo! He’s the bomb!”

He also named Owen as his favourite player.

In 1988, the Reds were managed by former player Kenny Dalglish, who steered the club to the Football League First Division title in the 87/88 season.

Dre recently caught up with current star Curtis Jones, so it appears he’s still a big Liverpool fan.



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