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Vacillating Atiku calls Wike political prostitute, Nigerians disagree

Vacillating Atiku calls Wike political prostitute, Nigerians disagree

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Nigeria’s 2023 elections, Atiku Abubakar, has lambasted the Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike.

According to Blueprint newspaper on Friday, Atiku’s spokesman, Phrank Shaibu, in a statement, likened Wike to a prostitute claiming to be in business to feed the poor, stressing that nobody believes the lies perpetrated by the governor.

“Wike invited Peter Obi to Port Harcourt under the guise of commissioning projects only for him to work against the same Obi, then goes around to call Obi the hero of the election. This is obviously a shameless man who takes Nigerians for fools.

“Wike is a snake and that is why even after helping Tinubu to a dubious victory in Rivers State, even Tinubu cannot invite him to the dinner table because a snake is not the kind of animal you can invite into your home. Such animals cannot be domesticated,” he said.

He said despite the involvement of Wike in the victory of the president-elect, Bola Tinubu, that he can not be brought into governance.

The former Vice President said Tinubu cannot invite Wike to his dinner table because the governor is a ‘snake’.

Nigerians were however quick to observe that Wike has been a far more steadfast politician than Atiku, having remained in one political party all along while Atiku has switched sides more than twice.

A political observer, Sani Ali Raja, said “While Wike has never left the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) under whatever guise, Atiku has left more that once to join the opposition, all in his desperate bid to actualise his personal ambition. I will trust a Wike over an Atiku any day, any time when it comes to politics in Nigeria. Atiku is like many other Nigerian politicians who keep changing parties at the slightest challenge, but Wike has remained in one party despite all challenges. To me, Atiku is more metaphorically a prostitute rather than Wike.”


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