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Waya Preaches Peaceful Political Culture, Agrees to Seek Elective Office in 2023

Waya Preaches Peaceful Political Culture, Agrees to Seek Elective Office in 2023

Politicians and their supporters in Nigeria have been urged to eschew the expression of bitter rivalry and imbibe the political culture of tolerance.

Inuwa Waya, whose sojourn into the political arena in Kano State is already rippling, wrote to his supporters to caution them against “making provocative comments against any person or group of persons.”

He said in the missive that was widely circulated that “Obscene language, inciting comments, smear campaigns, are very destructive to our progress and development as a people. I will never support any action that will debase our society, breach the law and result to a disastrous end.”

According to him, “You must understand that in a multi-party democracy such as ours, there must be opposition and we must accept that reality. Even within the same political party, there are differences of opinion. You have to imbibe the culture of tolerance.

“Abuse or outrage will only aggravate frayed nerves. You can not impose your candidate on others. You can only sell your candidate by persuasion. You must respect the right of others to also sell their candidates. Abuses and insults never win elections, in fact they lead to rejection. You must see your participation in politics as a call to service. You must seek to build bridges and not  walls, and aspire to narrow the differences between the elites and the grassroot. You have a duty to  our societal values founded on principles of respect of one another. You must be your brother’s keepers. You must be God fearing and guided by the religious injunctions.

“I have for long come to understand that patience is the greatest virtue for human beings. Therefore no amount of provocation in the political sphere will make me angry. Anger is the highest form of punishment one can give to himself. I have learned to accommodate other views. I have friends across party lines and even amongst those who expressed desire to contest for the same office I am aspiring to”, he wrote.

Waya has indicated that he was gearing up to contest for elective office in 2023, saying he will “fully participate and even contest into an elective office. I will present myself for election as soon as INEC releases the time table.

He expressed his gratitude to those who “openly and privately” requested him to seek for political office in the forthcoming 2023 elections in Kano State, assuring them that he was already participating in the political process, and that he would extend his participation to other aspects of the political process in line with the provision of section 40 of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.


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