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We Are Yet To Sue Kano APC, Say Lawyers Claiming Legal Fees

We Are Yet To Sue Kano APC, Say Lawyers Claiming Legal Fees

Kano-based lawyers claiming payments for the services they rendered to the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the state have denied that they have commenced legal action against the party.

They however agreed that they have not been paid for their services since 2019 when they successfully prosecuted state House of Assembly election petitions for the party.

Some of the lawyers involved who spoke with Nigerian Sketch said they have truly filed their bills of charge to the party chairman on about three occasions and that the party has so far remained unyielding.

“It is such a shame that a political party will enjoy the services of a legal practitioner and refuse to pay.  It is a reflection of the type of leaders that such a party will eventually produce. A dishonest party cannot produce a honest politician”, said one of them who does not want to be named.

Nigerian Tracker and a host of other news media reported on Tuesday that “a consortium of lawyers have commenced legal process against the All Progress Congress APC Kano state chapter to press for the payment of their appearances at the 2019 election petition tribunal cases.

“The creditor lawyers through their counsel, Usman Umar far Esq in a missive addressed to the state APC chairman demanded for prompt payment of their professional fees for the services connected to the 2019 general elections”, the media reported.

Nigerian Sketch reached out to the counsel for the concerned lawyers, Usman Umar Fari, who has been out of the country for some time. Fari explained that “We have not sued the party. We only wrote to them to demand for payment. I think that story was hugely, hugely preemptive. Our letter has reached the party chairman, Abdullahi Abbas, and I have the belief that he will do the needful.

“My clients are lawyers and, of course going to court is part of their daily activities. There is nothing extraordinary about it. But the fact remains that we have not commenced legal action. If my clients get what they wanted, why should we go to court? Fari asked.

One of the concerned lawyers, Yusuf A. S. explained that he and other engaged their colleague, Fari to pursue their entitlements from the party, saying “Yes, our counsel has written a letter, no doubt.

“I read that story after my attention was drawn to it. My only observation was that the headline may mislead those who do not read the body of the story. I do not know how the reporter got wind of it, but it is true.

“If the party refuses to heed to our demand, we will go to court. Why not? We went to court to defend their mandates, so we can go to court to demand for ours. But, let’s present the fact as it is: we have not sued the party yet.”


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