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What happens in Shanghai, hopefully stays in Shanghai!

What happens in Shanghai, hopefully stays in Shanghai!

By Bashir Kabir

Something that has to do with absolute domination of the human will by the governments using technology, war, disease, etc. is one of the theories surrounding many of the control policies of the world powers.

This notion might fall under conspiracy theory, but the Shanghai theater is giving credit to that.

The Chinese are the epitome of the perfect citizenry in terms of abiding by the laws of the land. The communist ruling style turns the masses into docility and obedience. But, when videos upon videos of protesting residents of Shanghai demanding freedom keep surfacing, it could only be assumed that the Chinese government has perhaps gone too far with control in a form of the ‘zero Covid’ project.

It all began with the near-total lockdown in various parts of the Chinese provinces when a new Covid variant was detected. The lockdowns were to control or stem the spread of the virus in the country. But you’ve got to research how the Chinese government conducts lockdowns!

It is a total horror story with Media blackout, Quarantine cages that are basically just prison cells, and mandatory periodic test that was everything short of proper. Razor wires and electric fences are used to separate people and ensure that they don’t mix while lockdown enforcement use weapons to never allow a fleeting chance of defaulting.

In some cases, it reached the extreme of welding people in their homes to make sure that they never leave during the lockdown!

Like in the movies depicting a dystopian scenario, robot police in a form of robot dogs are also seen checking people’s cards and constantly reminding them to maintain social distancing or remain inside their homes. Available online footages also show Shanghai residents kneeling down as they patiently awaited the pandemic enforcement to check their test and or vaccine papers (or cards).

The only theory that comes close to explaining the bizarreness that is happening in China right now is that the government is using the same approach it almost always takes on everything that makes it appear formidable among peers.

If the government decides that by the end of 2022, China will be completely free of the virus, then that is what will happen even if it is not the case. It can be seen that the measures to handle the pandemic were not truly geared toward fighting the virus in a true sense.

The test kiosks are, for example, always crowded against the social distancing principle of the virus eradication. Footages show the testing crew using the same stick to scratch two different people’s noses. In the end, the government is using fear and force to establish itself in the country and the world. But the measures taken are quite extreme.


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