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Why Jonathan stopped attending PDP meetings — Clark

Why Jonathan stopped attending PDP meetings — Clark

Former Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan stopped attending meetings of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) because he was angry at the way the leadership and members of the party betrayed him in 2015.

South-South leader, Edwin Clark, on Tuesday, said the former national chairman and past governor of Bauchi State, Adamu Muazu, did not work for his party because of tribal considerations.

Clark noted that PDP leaders from the north worked against Jonathan because it was the turn of the north to produce the president, stressing that many of the PDP governors from the north mobilised funds for the then candidate of All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, against their own flag bearer.

Clark noted that Jonathan had learned his lesson, saying this explained why he stopped attending meetings of PDP, especially the National Executive Committee, NEC, of the party of which he is a life member as long as he remained member of the party, in line with the constitution.

He lamented that the same northern governors in the PDP, who had rejected zoning were now talking about competence and integrity in 2022, accused the party of what he described as manipulation leading to the emergence of Atiku Abubakar as its presidential candidate for the 2023 election.

He said: “Now coming home politically, Jonathan was the president for some time as a result of the death of President Yar’Adua. Jonathan ruled for about five years, he is a Christian and the northerners said it was their turn.

“From 2011, they have been worrying Jonathan. Even in 2015, the northern PDP leaders ganged up with APC and Tinubu and removed Jonathan from office. They did not campaign, Jonathan was on his own.

“So, when people say why Jonathan is not in PDP, now attending PDP meetings, I can safely say that he’s learning his lesson, that the people he trusted did not trust him. They squandered the party’s money and left.

“So, when people say why is Jonathan not in PDP, he knows how they betrayed him, how the northern PDP governors contributed money towards Buhari’s success, how members of government betrayed him.

“The national chairman of PDP at the time was Governor (Adamu) Mu’azu. He did not go to his hometown to campaign, he was only following Jonathan about, he knew what he was doing. Everyone of them wanted Buhari to win, so, Buhari won. He has ruled for eight years.

“Now, the same northerners are now saying competence, no zoning, integrity. It fell for the prey, they maneuvered PDP with Atiku Abubakar, who has been wanting to be president of Nigeria over the years, championing the cause of division. So, the PDP, a party we love, PDP a party of southern Nigeria disappointed us.

“In 2019, 11 million people voted for Atiku Abubakar, PDP. Five million from the north, five million from the south. Now he doesn’t think we ever did anything for him. So, Nigeria has changed. If anyone tells you that all is well in Nigeria, that person is living in a fool’s paradise.

“I’m happy to note that you are members of the ruling party, that is APC, and I will give you a message to Mr. President, who is the leader of your party. But we are in the minority but in every society, the minority and the majority must live together.

‘’We have never seen a community where you have only the majority. We are the largest ethnic nationality in Delta State but within you, some people are dominating. Because we are alive, we don’t need this society where people are not equal.

‘’That’s what Mandela fought for, that everybody is equal. People should live in a country where you grow up to do anything God created you do.”

According to the South South leader, the APC he thought the people of the South South should have no business with became the party that listened to the yearnings of the region over zoning and the need for the South to produce the next President in 2023.

The Ijaw leader noted that he would have voted for the ruling APC but for his age and the party’s decision to fly a Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket.

The elder statesman, who also accused the PDP presidential candidate of opposing Jonathan’s presidential ambition since 2010, said further: “Now, Atiku has been kicking against the presidency of Jonathan since 2010. He said it was their turn but today, the same Atiku and his people now said integrity.

“You know this time, the governors of states think they are so powerful. But the only thing that your party has done that has made me to withdraw my support is this Muslim-Muslim ticket. I won’t talk about it, because I have written a statement.”

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