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Withdraw Hunt for Igboho, Apologise, Pay Compensation, Group Demands from FG

Withdraw Hunt for Igboho, Apologise, Pay Compensation, Group Demands from FG

President of the Oodua Worldwide, a global organization with headquarters in Canada, Prince Adewale Ojo, has said the raid on the home of Sunday Igboho by the Department of State Service (DSS) was “callous, oppressive, barbaric and smirks of obvious favouritism deliberately skewed to favour a section of the country against others.”

He therefore called on the federal government to halt the hunt for the Yoruba Nation agitator.

“We … state without any fear of intimidation that the Muhammadu Buhari led administration should, without hesitation release all the arrested persons from Igboho’s house, stop the manhunt on him and pay adequate compensation for the damages visited on his properties.

“We are Nigerians and we deserve fair treatment for as long as we still remain a nation,” Ojo wrote in a statement.

He said he wondered why a section of the country has been terrorising the citizens of Nigeria unmolested while Igboho, who was carrying out what he called a peaceful agitation would be the target of government.

The statement reads:

“Reports have indicated that the gun totting men of the DSS, donned in military uniform, had killed two occupants in the building and whisked away others, including Igboho’s wife …

“We wonder why known national tormentors like Sheik Gumi, Miyetti Allah and others are walking the streets of Nigeria unmolested while those on a popular struggle suddenly became objects of intimidation by our government.

“Our attention was drawn today to the gory incident that took place in the residence of Sunday Igboho around 1am, on Thursday 1st July, 2021, in Ibadan, Oyo State.

“We view the nocturnal attack by the DSS, which brought to memory the dark days of the fascist military rule in Nigeria, as a mis-normal on the part of the attackers.

“We are miffed by the fact that Nigeria is fast drifting from the path of advancement into the shameful abyss of doom, while the leaders of our beleaguered nation seems to be looking away, or pretending to be.

“We are appalled that the nation is fast degenerating and no one seems to care about what would become of a once fledgling country which seems to have lost its soul to petty politicking by those ordained to guide it to fruition.

“Agitation for self-determination came as a last option after series of pressure for a national dialogue met brick walls, deliberately erected by the thieving leaders who have from independence eaten up the national egg, killed the fowls and are now bent on setting the entire poultry ablaze.


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