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Woman claims she died and came back to life, here’s what she saw in-between 

Woman claims she died and came back to life, here’s what she saw in-between 

A woman who claims to have died and come back to life says she has returned with an important message from the other side.

Courtney Santiago has described her experiences on what she says is “the other side” after she claims to have died for about 40 seconds, which “felt like a lifetime” during the experience.

A history of breast cancer in her family means Ms Santiago, 32, had to have an MRI breast scan as a precaution, and it was while she was getting a scan in July last year that she had the encounter.

When medics put an IV into her, Ms Santiago’s body went into shock causing her blood pressure to drop and her heart rate to slow drastically as she fell unconscious.

In a video on TikTok, Ms Santiago said “There was no concept of time whatsoever, just the feeling of complete peace.”

“I wasn’t worried about leaving behind my body, my life, my son or my family and friends- none of that felt important,” she said.

After entering what she described as this ‘dream state’ she found herself standing on a beach in front of a man whom she had never met but felt like she had always known.

The figure told her that everything was okay but that it wasn’t her time to go yet.

After hearing this, her surroundings suddenly began to change. She found herself in the mountains, then the back garden of her childhood home and several other places where she felt most connected to nature.

Once she woke up, Ms Santiago claimed that she was unable to speak and her body felt completely stiff.

Medics later discovered she had vasovagal syncope, a condition which sees patients’ bodies overreact to certain triggers, such as emotional distress or blood. Blood pressure and heart rate drops causing you to lose consciousness as the brain is starved of oxygen.

While the heart can drop for up to 10 seconds, the condition isn’t life threatening.

“I’m 100 percent certain what I saw was the ‘in-between’ and was much more than a fainting episode,” Ms Santiago said.

She described her experiences in a series of TikTok videos, with a comforting message for viewers she’d brought back from her trip to the hereafter.

“When we die, we’re not gone and where we go, we’re happy,” she said.

She said: “You’re not supposed to see much of anything while unconscious – you don’t dream or wake up with any lost time.

“I’m 100% certain what I saw was the ‘in-between’ and was much more than a fainting episode.

“I told the nurse about what I had seen and she told me that while it’s rare, it is possible to pass away during an episode of vasovagal syncope.”

Users flocked to the comments to share their reactions, with many sharing their own experiences.

“Before my dad died he reported several visions of me at various ages… I’m very much alive. He used no drugs,” Lisa Marshall said.

Another person added: “I’m a sudden cardiac arrest survivor. Four days in a coma.

Honey, I believe you. I already know.”

“I had a very similar experience last year. Felt like I was in a different dimension,” Karen Rookard commented.

One person said: “I lost someone recently. This really gave me peace. God bless you.”

“My daughter has cardio-inhibitory syncope and her heart actually stops during her syncope for up to 30 seconds,” someone else added.

Courtney said: “I feel relieved to have an answer and while it is shocking to know that the stress almost killed me, it’s allowed me to seek treatment to address these symptoms.

“My mum passed away in an almost identical scenario during a dental appointment four years ago and no real explanation was ever found.

“But, it’s given me peace knowing that we may have experienced the same thing, but it was her time and not mine.

“It’s allowed me to become more open, improving my relationships with the people I love.

“I’m not fearful of experiencing this again and I think managing my stress will reduce the likelihood of this.

“I’m grateful that it happened and I feel like it serves as confirmation that our existence and consciousness do continue once we’re gone – there is nothing to fear.”



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