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Yul Edochie tells men what women want in relationship

Yul Edochie tells men what women want in relationship

Nollywood star, Yul Edochie, has given his fellow men hints on how to court women.

In a post on his Instagram, Yul advised men that some ladies need some things other than money.

“If she is rich and you, shishi no dey your side, but you like her, tell her you like her.

Yul Edochie
Yul Edochie

“If you want to date her tell her. Not all women are after money.

“Some women are moved by the quality of the man, his reasoning, behavior and looks.

“Tell her how you feel, she will either say yes or no, she no go kill you.

“Whether you are rich or poor, as a human being keep your confidence level high.

“Even your confidence can make her like you, ‘Money is not everything.”

Only man with two wives knows who owns his heart

Yul Edochie
Yul Edochie poses with the child he had with his second wife

Edochie also commented that it is only a polygamous man that can determine which wife he holds closest to his heart.

The actor made the comment while responding to a question online.

The question queried, “A man has two wives. The first wife is very good at cooking, the other one is good in bed. Question: who owns the man’s heart.”

While responding to the question, the ace thespian who is a polygamist noted that “only the man can answer the question.”

He said, “Ask the man. Only him can answer the question. Owning a man’s heart doesn’t come from cooking or being good in bed. There is more to it.”

In April 2022, the actor announced that he has a second wife who has birthed him a son. Taking to his verified Instagram account, he stated that his new bride is Judy Austin, a Nigerian actress. Moreso, he shared pictures of himself and the baby boy.

Yul Edochie
Yul Edochie with his first wife

Meanwhile, in October 2021, the 40-year-old son of the Nollywood veteran actor, Pete Edochie, marked his 17th wedding anniversary with his first wife, May, whom he married at 22.


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