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Yul Edochie turns to preaching, quits Nollywood

Yul Edochie turns to preaching, quits Nollywood

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has announced that he has answered the call of God by becoming a full-time preacher.

Edochie had earlier told fans that he would make the biggest announcement of his life.

Hours later on Instagram, he revealed that he would be doing the work of God fully as he started a Christian programme on YouTube, which he called ‘True Salvation Ministry’.

He wrote “It’s time to answer the call of God almighty. It’s time to do his work fully. To spread the true message of God. Tune in, and be transformed.”

Days before announcing the ministry, Yul condemned prosperity preachers via his YouTube channel.

“The most important teaching of God is love. Unfortunately, that important teaching is the least preached in our society today. Almost everybody is preaching prosperity,” Yul preached.

First Marriage Yul Edochie, a Nigerian actor and politician, got married to May Aligwe in 2004. The couple has been blessed with four children. Yul Edochie often speaks fondly of his wife and children, expressing his love and dedication to his family. However, details about the reasons behind the end of his first marriage are not widely publicized.

Second Marriage After the end of his first marriage, Yul Edochie got married to May Yul Edochie. The couple has continued to share their love story on social media, with Yul often expressing his admiration for his wife. Their union has been blessed with two children. Yul Edochie’s commitment to his family is evident in his public statements and actions, portraying a strong sense of family values and love for his wife and children.

Third Marriage Yul Edochie’s third marriage is to Mary Yul Edochie. The couple has been open about their relationship, sharing glimpses of their life together on social media. Yul continues to express his love and dedication to his family, highlighting the importance of unity and love within the household.

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