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ZAZZAU EMIRATE: El-rufai in Dilemma

ZAZZAU EMIRATE: El-rufai in Dilemma

Zazzau Emirate is yet a get a new emir, even though Kingmakers have selected Iyan Zazzau, Bashir Aminu, as their top choice to succeed the late emir, Shehu Idris, who died last Sunday.

The Iyan Zazzau was the first among the top three forwarded to the governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-rufai, to pick a new emir from.

The two others include the Yariman Zazzau, Munir Ja’afaru and the Turakin Zazzau, Aminu Idris.

But El-rufai may not be favourably disposed to Iyan Zazzau with whom he has had bitter acrimony even before he was elected governor.

The governor never received any form of support from him while aspiring to be governor. On the contrary, he was said to have gotten stiff resistance from the Dan Iya, who was alleged to be more sympathetic to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

They have also been at a loggerhead since he became governor.

Nigerian Sketch recollects that El-rufai removed Iyan Zazzau as the District Head of Sabon Gari and Environs at the height of their unrelenting quarrels.

The Zazzau Emirate’s kingmakers, the Wazirin Zazzau, Ibrahim Aminu; Makaman Zazzau, Muhammad Abbas; Fagachin Zazzau, Umar Muhammad; Limamin Gari, Dalhatu Kasim, and Limamin Kona Muhammad Aliyu, made their selection for the new Emir Thursday night, and forwarded their choices to the governor who, according to procedure, will make the final choice and announce a new emir.

In normal climes, the first choice of the kingmakers would just have been confirmed by the governor.

However, Nigerian Sketch has been told by sources within the emirate that the governor is “very unlikely to confirm Iyan Zazzau as the Emir of Zazzau. The governor has received the recommendation of the kingmakers and as you must have heard, he said he is consulting a book on the history of the emirate.

The governor in a Facebook post on Friday had written: “The kingmakers recommend but ultimate responsibility to choose rests on my humble self I must be knowledgeable about the process as the aspirants and kingmakers,”

Our source said, “This consultation is seen by almost everyone as an excuse by the governor to stall the confirmation of Iyan Zazzau. The El-rufai we all know will not confirm Iyan Zazzau. It is doubted, very much doubted.”

Another fact that has emerged was that the late emir’s son, Aminu Idris, who was the third in the list kingmakers forwarded to El-rufai, also has a disadvantage that was still linked to the embattled Iyan Zazzau.

Various inside sources have confirmed to Nigerian Sketch that his mother is the younger sister to the embattled Iya Zazzau, while his wife is the biological daughter of the same Iyan Zazzau.

This blood connection to Iyan Zazzau is seen to be capable of afflicting him with similar fate to Iyan Zazzau.

“If you know El-rufa’i at all, you would realize that if he despises Iyan Zazzau, then that would be extended to Aminu Idris as well because the connection between the two would be interpreted by the governor to mean that they are one and same. So, by implication, whatever affects the number one on the list, will automatically rub on number three”, a source explained.

One dilemma that the Kaduna State governor may be battling with would be the exclusion of his favored candidate for the emirship, Ahmed Bamalli, who was not in the top three submitted by the kingmakers.

The option left for the governor was to either be violently dictatorial in choosing Bamalli or order the kingmaker to reverse their earlier verdict, and include the governor’s friend in a reconsidered recommendation.

A third option, which El-rufa’i was known to have adopted in the past, would be to create a tedious screening process that may knock off the kingmakers’ choice and pave way for his candidate.

The last option, if he failed to get his candidate in, would be to pick the second on the list of the kingmakers’ recommendation, Yariman Zazzau, Munir Ja’afaru.

As the Zazzau Emirate holds its breathe, waiting for the Kaduna State governor to decide who the next emir is, all eyes are on one decidedly calculating person; Nasir El-rufa’i.

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