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Nigeria’s apex bank to hold monetary policy meeting in Feb; See what MPC meeting is all about 

Nigeria’s apex bank to hold monetary policy meeting in Feb; See what MPC meeting is all about 

Nigeria’s central bank will hold its next interest rate meeting in February – the first since last July – according to a schedule released on Friday.

In a statement published on its website, the Central Bank of Nigeria has tentatively scheduled, opens new tab the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) for Feb. 26 and 27, the first meeting under new Governor Olayemi Cardoso.

The naira has slid steadily against the dollar, fuelled by ongoing liquidity shortages that have seen the naira swing wildly in official trading. It has dropped to around 1,350 to the dollar on the parallel market.

Investors are awaiting the MPC’s guidance on interest rates, with analysts divided on the likely direction. At its last meeting in July, the central bank opted for a smaller-than-expected rate hike of 25 basis points

The schedule lists six MPC meetings for the year, including in the last weeks of March, May, July, September and November.

Overview of Nigeria’s Central Bank Interest Rate Meetings
Interest rate meetings held by Nigeria’s Central Bank play a crucial role in the country’s economy. These meetings, which are held regularly, involve the Central Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) discussing and deciding on the most appropriate monetary policy measures to maintain price stability and ensure sustainable economic growth.

The interest rate is a key instrument in the central bank’s monetary policy toolkit, as it directly influences borrowing and lending in the economy. By adjusting the interest rate, the MPC can stimulate or slow down economic activity, control inflation, and maintain financial stability.

Objectives of the Central Bank Interest Rate Meetings
The primary objectives of the Central Bank’s interest rate meetings are:

Maintaining price stability: By keeping inflation under control, the central bank ensures that the purchasing power of the currency is preserved, thereby promoting long-term economic growth and stability.

Supporting economic growth: The central bank uses interest rate adjustments to support economic growth when needed, such as during times of recession or slowdown, by making borrowing more attractive for businesses and consumers.

Financial stability: The central bank aims to maintain financial stability by ensuring that the financial system operates efficiently and effectively. This includes preventing asset price bubbles and addressing potential risks to the financial system.

Exchange rate management: The central bank may use interest rate adjustments to influence the exchange rate, which can help maintain the competitiveness of the domestic economy and protect it from external shocks.

Process of the Central Bank Interest Rate Meetings
The MPC, which consists of economists, bankers, and representatives from the public and private sectors, meets regularly to review economic and financial developments and make decisions on the interest rate. The meeting process typically involves:

Reviewing economic and financial data: The MPC reviews key economic indicators, such as inflation, GDP growth, employment, and financial market conditions, to assess the current state of the economy and identify potential risks and opportunities.

Analyzing policy options: Based on the economic data, the MPC evaluates various policy options, including adjustments to the interest rate, changes in reserve requirements, and open market operations.

Deciding on the appropriate policy stance: After a thorough analysis, the MPC votes on the most appropriate policy stance, taking into account the objectives of price stability, economic growth, financial stability, and exchange rate management.

Communicating policy decisions: The central bank communicates the policy decisions and their rationale to the public, financial market participants, and other stakeholders to ensure transparency and accountability.


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