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Why parliamentary system of govt may be an option for Nigeria – Aminu Dantata

Why parliamentary system of govt may be an option for Nigeria – Aminu Dantata

Foremost businessman, Aminu Dantata, has explained why he thinks the move by the Nigerian National Assembly to transit from a presidential to a parliamentary system of government was apt.

Dantata, on Thursday, expressed the belief that the parliamentary system was a better system of government because it was cheaper.

He stated this when some members of the House of Representatives paid him a consultation visit at his Kano residence.

The Nigerian House of Representatives has already initiated the move to transform the country’s presidential system of government into a parliamentary one.

A bill titled ‘The Bills proposing constitutional alterations for a transition to a parliamentary system of government,”, which was sponsored by sixty lawmakers, was read for the first time during Wednesday’s plenary at the National Assembly in Abuja.

Briefing newsmen after plenary, the spokesperson of the sixty-member group, Hon. Abdussamad Dasuki (Sokoto, PDP), said that the proposed alterations, when passed, would significantly impact the national political landscape.

According to him, over the years, the imperfections of the Presidential System of Government have become glaring to all, despite several alterations to the constitution to address the shortcomings of a system that has denied the nation the opportunity to attain its full potential.

He said among these imperfections are the high cost of governance, leaving fewer resources for crucial areas like infrastructure, education, and healthcare, and consequently hindering the nation’s development progress, and the excessive powers vested in the members of the executive, who are appointees and not directly accountable to the people.



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