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Jigawa journalist gets commendation for returning millions found in Madina during Hajj

Jigawa journalist gets commendation for returning millions found in Madina during Hajj

A journalist from Jigawa State Radio Corporation, Abba Muhammad Limawa, has returned foreign currencies he found around the Madina Haramain during the recently 2024 concluded Hajj exercise.

Speaking while handing over the currencies to the chairman of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), Jalal Arabia, Thursday, in Makka, the Dutse based journalist said he found the money inside a waist bag on his way back from prayer during the pre-hajj visit to Prophet Muhammad’s Haramain mosque in Madina.

Put in total, the varied currencies Limawa returned to the authority comprises 10,500 Russian rubles, 800 dollars and 690 Saudi Riyals.

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Limawa explained that, “When I see the bag, I initially, wanted to ignore it and move to the Mosque, but on second thought, I said it might belong to a Nigerian, especially some of our old women.”

“So, I decided to pick it, and I proceeded to the mosque. When I returned to my accommodation, I opened the bag and discovered that there was no Nigerian currency or sign that it belonged to a Nigerian.

“Immediately, I approached one of the officials of the Jigawa State Pilgrims Welfare Boards, narrated the story and presented the money to him and thereby he commended me for showing exemplary character and honesty and told me that he would hand over the money to the NAHCON to ensure that the owner gets their money.”

Commenting on the development, during the post-Afarat conference held in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, NAHCON chairman, Jalal Arabi, praised the Limawa for doing what is expected of all Nigerian pilgrims while in the holy land.

Mr Arabi said Limawa has greatly shown honesty and projected the image of Nigeria positively in the international arena.


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